doctor oz 3/8

Doctor Oz Show: Embarrassing Medical Questions Answered 3/8/2012


The Doctor Oz Show will be answering the embarrassing medical questions you are afraid to ask your doctor and Oz has a new 5 minute total body workout. Oz opens by saying this will be the most shocking confession show he has ever done and he will reveal a personal confession he has never shared before. Christina is up first and she has anal leakage. Oz says this effects up to 1 in 5 people. He says that giving birth is one thing that causes this and it is normal. Oz says nerve damage in the brain and trauma to the muscle in the . To fix this take 2 grams of fiber at each meal and you can actually sit down 30 minutes after a meal to train yourself to go regularly.

Candace is next and she says she sometimes has a big “O” in her sleep. Oz says this occurs in 40% of women. He says normally the body tell the brain that something good is happening and a big “O” happens. If you have not had one in a few days, the brain can still send the signals to your privates. Oz says this means you may need to be more active when you are awake. Now we get a lazy who uses her husband’s razor to shave her privates and other areas. Oz says when you cut yourself shaving, you can get bacteria on the razor. Sharing this bacteria is the problem. Sharing a razor is ok if you sterilize the razor. This way you don’t share the bacteria. Oz says you should sterilize your razor after you use it whether you share it or not, to stop this bacteria being transferred. Shelly is up next and she has two of all of her female organs. Oz says this effects 5% of all women. Oz says all women start with two each and as we grow, they fuse together. Long menstrual cycles are a clue that you have this condition. He says this is usually nothing to be concerned about but it can make it harder to have kids.

Becky is up and she is addicted to caffeine. Oz says to use teechino and it is made of roasted nuts and doesn’t have caffeine. Alternate it in with your coffee and you will kick the coffee habit. Next is salt addiction and Oz says to use “sour salt” and it is made from citrous extract. To cure a butter addiction you should use “Melt Organic Spread” and is has half the fats of butter and tastes great. Alcohol is another product that causes people problems. Oz has a lavender peach spritzer for you to fight the alcohol blues. Use Peach nectar, sparkling apple cider, lemon juice, and lavender to make a refreshing drink that won’t give you a hangover.

Now we have author Mark Hyman to give us cheap health foods that you can find at the grocery store. First, Adzuki beans are high in fiber and buying on Wednesdays usually means the store is having a special. Second, Daikon is Japanese radish and it is high in anti oxidants that prevent cancer. Third, Black Rice is rice that only the emperor of China got to eat and is very high in fiber and anti oxidants. It also is good for people who are regulating their blood sugar. Fourth, Pink Salmon has 4 times the omega 3 fats as tuna and is very healthy. Finally, Dark Meat Chicken is high in iron and zinc and it less than white meat. These products will help you stay healthy on a budget and can be found in most grocery stores.

Oz gives us fake health food products. Lisa Lee Freeman is on the show and she says we get fooled all the time by labeling. First is fake blueberries. Lisa says boxed cereals and other products use fake blueberries. Look for red or blue die on the label and it is a way to see if they are fake. Next, Extra Virgin Olive oil needs to be from a single country and the oil is in a dark container. Oz says to smell the olive oil and you will smell olives. A study has shown that 2/3 of olive oils are not what is advertised on the label. Third, Honey needs to not have syrup added to it and you should try to buy organic honey. Check all your labels carefully, when you buy healthy products, to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

Jorge Cruise is on the show and he has a 5 minute workout that anybody can do. First, is the waist whittler and you get in push up position and bring your legs into your chest. Second is the Butt buster and you lay on your back with bended knees and raise your butt off the floor. Third, is a workout for your shoulders and you sit with your arms on the floor behind you. Use your arms to raise and lower yourself. Fourth, is the chest chisler. This is basically a Push up with hands very close together. Fifth, the thigh trimmer. Stand on one leg and do short squats with one leg in the air and your arms straight out in front of you. Do each of these exercises for one minute at a time and you will tone and shape your body easily.

Oz gives a bonus tip today about dental health. He says if you grind your teeth in your sleep, take 400 mg of magnesium daily to help relax your muscles while you sleep. You can also stretch and relax your jaw muscles by biting gently on a wine cork for a few minutes. If you have sensitive gums and get irritation from flossing, you can use water flosser instead of dental floss. Finally, using a diamond bristle toothbrush will be gentler on you gums. For more information on any of the topics discussed today, you can go to Oz’s web site by following the link below.
Photo courtesy of: Dr. Oz