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“My Big Redneck Vacation” Recap (3/10/12): Hampton Fitness Craze and Clampet Health

On “My Big Redneck Vacation” (3/10/12), the Clampet men are not excited about the new health kick of the women who decide to adopt the Hampton fitness craze to shape-up before Michelle and Jared’s wedding. They get involved in yoga, tennis, and tea parties much to the dismay of the guys who are used to being couch quarterbacks swilling beer. When a fitness guru stops by the house, it is time for the men to take action by suggesting an old-fashioned redneck baptism. This is what happened on “My Big Redneck Vacation” tonight~

Michelle and Jared’s wedding planner, Michael Russo, shows up with some wedding dresses for Michelle to try on. The first one is a “no go” as she thinks it makes her look bloated. She is accused of being bloated because all she has been doing is drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, and eating fried foods…you know, the redneck diet! Michael tells all the women they need to stop with the beer and fried foods and take up yoga for the next week until the wedding to trim down. WHAT? Who does he think he’s talking to? Michelle finally says yes to the dress which is a beautiful princess ball gown.

Tommy joins the girls in their first yoga session at Well Nest with instructor Dwight Garcia who is focused on Tommy and gets a little too “friendly” as Tommy is almost man-saulted during the class. Dwight gets frisky and a little sexual with Wendy during the “Swing” as he asks “Who’s your yoga daddy?” The next session is with Garcia at the house where (hopefully) the others get involved.

Kate sends an invitation to the girls for a tea party at her house while Steve invites the guys to go clamming. At the tea party, the Southern belles shock Kate’s friend when they slurp and burp. They do not do hot tea, so Kate gets ice. Meanwhile, the men are asking Steve if this tea party and yoga thing is something to be afraid of…yup, it might get taken back to the South! Dwight shows up for a new yoga session and is getting irritated with the lackadaisical attitude of Doug and Jared. Finally, they gather on the mats when Jared farts during the warm-up breathing. Everyone cracks up except the tightwad Dwight. Doug gets the “Swing” treatment but there is no way Garcia is going to ask him “Who’s your yoga daddy?” The mats are left but will they use them for something other than nap mats for the kids?

“This is how we do [fitness] in the South!”IMAG0097-281x211

While the women get their “ohm” on, a spiritual healer comes to the house which the guys cannot allow to happen unless they attend. The special television effects made this segment almost hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic. Seriously? This healer was a joke. Afterwards, the women really needed to relax so they indulged in cucumber facials which the guys decided to rinse off with beer…now we are talking REDNECK!

The episode ends with the guys getting the women involved in a mud fight as the “re-baptize” them to country ways so they remember their roots! Tune in next week as country bumpkins from the South show up in the Hamptons for Michelle and Jared’s wedding! “My Big Redneck Vacation” turns into “My Redneck Wedding” next Saturday on CMT beginning at 9:30/8:30c.

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