“60 Minutes” Tonight (3/11/12) – Nuclear Iran, Khan Academy and Aerosmith Success

On “60 Minutes” tonight, the stories could not be more diverse. Lesley Stahl will talk with ex-Mossad Chief Meir Dagan, the former head of the Israeli intelligence service, about nuclear Iran and the threat of the Iranian nuclear program. He stresses the time to attack is not right now as it seems Iran is currently under the regime of a rational president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, even if that rational is not the same as Israel or anyone else. He feels the Iranians are at least thinking about the consequences of their actions…for now! Stahl addresses his statement “The issue of Iran armed with nuclear capability is not an Israeli problem; it’s an international problem.” She is under the impression Dagan is in favor of Israeli waiting in hopes the United States will step in first. Dagan states Iran must not be allowed to obtain or produce a nuclear weapon but laments attacking Iran without complete investigation or without exploring alternative measures could be disastrous. This is a preview of that interview~



Dr. Sanjay Gupta will speak with Sal Khan, the innovative creator of Khan Academy, which is an online educational website when more than 4 million students daily go to retrieve free assistance with a variety of subjects from math to biology to art history. This success story started in 2004 when Khan was tutoring his cousin in algebra and YouTube videos were posted. The videos were discovered by others who would send provide inspirational feedback about the help they delivered, so Sal Khan quit his job to be a fulltime educator for world class knowledge free of charge. Bill Gates discovered the videos while searching for training material for his own children and soon millions of dollars were donated to Khan Academy from Google and the Gates Foundation. Khan contributes the high success rate of the tutorials due to the lack of distraction since the videos only include his voice and diagrams. Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, remarks that the newest visionary innovation to the Khan Academy, a “dashboard” which delivers real-time progress reports, may be just the educational breakthrough platform to change the way education is approached in the United States. This is a clip of that segment~



Finally, Lara Logan gets the scoop on Aerosmith success from Steven Tyler, who stakes a claim to that success is a direct result of having him as the frontman. Although Aerosmith has weathered many storms for forty years, from aging to drug abuse and difference of opinions (which is still obvious from the interviews Lara Logan did with band members), the secret of their success may very well be the individual talents of Steven Tyler. In the end, ban members agree it might have taken someone as over-the-top as Tyler whose musical gifts are undeniable to have made it this long. Could the same be said that the success of The Rolling Stones was directly attributable to frontman Mick Jagger? Watch Lara address the issue of perfectionism and Tyler’s own admittance of behavior unbecoming~



“60 Minutes” airs tonight on your local CBS television channel at 7 ET/PT. Image and videos courtesy of CBS “60 Minutes


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    I am really looking forward to the 60 Minutes Khan Academy interview. Thanks for posting.

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