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“GCB” Sneak Peek Video (3/11/12) – “Jesus, Take the Wheel” and Steer Amanda Out of Dallas!


Those who missed last week’s premiere of “GCB”, here is an extended sneak peek of the episode to air tonight on ABC beginning 1t 10/9c despite the objections of Newt Gingrich! A quick rundown is that Amanda Vaughn, high school mean girl, returned to Dallas after the death of her husband and things are getting as wild as on Wisteria Lane in “Desperate Housewives.” Carlene Cockburn (Kristin Chenoweth) is the new mean girl, Christian-style, with big hair but do not underestimate Amanda’s nice girl exterior.

This week, Carlene is struggling with the public humiliation last week at church by Amanda who revealed that Booby-licious is owned by Rip and Carlene. Sharon needs to keep an eye on Zack now that she knows the truth about Amanda…or does she? Cricket offers to sing the solo in church which prompts Carlene to get off her duff. Gigi decides to throw a party for Amanda to get her reacquainted with the social circles in Dallas. Are the “inner circle” ties beginning to unravel? No one can get past the irony of the song dedication “Jesus, Take the Wheel” which is a special tribute to Amanda by Carlene considering her philandering husband died driving a car while receiving pleasure from Amanda’s former best friend as they were fleeing the country. Are marital ties going to follow the trend? Find out what Carlene does as NO ONE out Christian’s Carlene Cockburn!

Image and video courtesy of ABC

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