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“The Bachelor” Season 16 Finale: As Rose Petals Fall, Tears Are Shed and the Final Rose Goes To…

Is it Lindzi Cox standing there with the “Snow White” cape on waiting for the proposal and the coveted engagement ring sealed with the deliverance of the final rose? Or is it Medusa Courtney Robertson, shrouded to look like Snow White, in the deceptive clothing she has worn all season on “The Bachelor?” To whom will the wedding bells toll tonight? Who receives the final rose?

This is the “Bachelor” season finale and amidst rumors the final rose was given to the villain of season 16, Courtney Robertson, viewers are waiting anxiously to find out whether they are true and Ben Flajnik has completely lost him mind! Could he, by some slim chance of rationality, see the flaw in his perception and choose the righteous queen, Lindzi Cox, with whom he will share a life of bliss and contentment? This is what happened tonight on “The Bachelor” final rose finale~

Ben arrives in Zermatt, Switzerland and with the Matterhorn from the Swiss Alps in the background, he starts making preparations for Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson to meet his mother, Barbara, and sister, Julia. Will they see the light or be as blinded by manipulations as Ben? Tick, tock…

Is ANYONE out there really going to miss his ridiculous rhetoric which seems to be nothing but a simple revision of the script from the previous week? I mean, seriously, ad lib a little to make it seem as though you are really doing this for real! It’s like listening to a drone, but on to more important things like Ben Flajnik’s mother and sister arrive and he tells them they will be meeting the two women he has chosen. It is funny that one of the first statements out of Julia’s mouth is “Was there anyone who was more dramatic that didn’t get along with the others?” According to her, this should be a big RED FLAG! Is this an indication of karma or female intuition?

Lindzi Cox is the first one to meet with Ben, Barbara, and Julia. She is so nervous and ill-at-ease, she constantly drops her silverware at lunch, but at least she is real. Talks with both Ben’s mother and his sister go well but when Julia asks about the Courtney drama, she is VERY diplomatic and withheld. Seriously? I would be giving her the absolute lowdown on this tart, including video moments on my iPhone. The nice Snow White, however, just states they are two very different people and blew her moment to make a difference. Ben found out Lindzi is well liked by both family members who thinks she would fit well with the family. Score!

Hold the phone…Courtney is to meet the family tomorrow and although they have preconceived ideas of what they will discover after Ben tells them she is a model, he asks them to remain open-minded. Barbara makes a comment that beauty is only skin deep (and seriously, Courtney is not all THAT beautiful to begin with) while Julia states it is a red flag if someone does not get along with other women…especially since the other women in Ben’s life are mom and sister. Hmmm.

Courtney Robertson is up to bat her eyelashes for Ben and his family. The first question is from Julia who wants to know about the rumors flying and Courtney, true to the script, states she feels the other women were intimidated and along she tried to reach out to each of them, after a while she gave up because she felt all she did was defend herself (wait for it) AND she was in love with Ben so she wanted to focus on that relationship! OMG! Julia takes her outside to the deck where almost the same spiel she gave Ben a few weeks ago was spewed from her lips of poison; she tired to get along with everyone. I would like to be the fly on their wall when they finally view the personal diaries from this season and see some of the playbacks. Courtney sunk Julia hook, line, and sinker. What about Barbara? Poor old mom fell for the wolf in sheep’s clothing trick, too. In the end, Julia tells Ben she is shocked and discovered she was prejudging Courtney based on misconceptions of models in general and feels she is who she acts. This family is so easily manipulated, it is unreal. Barbara thinks Courtney has depth. Who are they kidding? Courtney is about as shallow as a wading pool! The last word? Both Barbara and Julia feel Courtney is the better fit.

At this point, I am about to turn off my television, but I must see this through! I have, after all, sat through all these weeks hoping the rumors were not true, but if I was a betting woman, at this point the writing is clearly on the wall. Ben and Lindzi’s date starts with a carriage ride before going skiing near the Matterhorn. They get in a private gondola with a fondue picnic and it stops halfway up the mountain where they have a chance to talk but it seems awkward. Later that evening, she opens up to him about her feelings in a candlit suite but after pouring herself out, he leaves without a real hint of his feelings.

Courtney’s date with Ben starts with a helicopter tour over the Swiss Alps including a fly-over Matterhorn. They land in a secluded area by a lake where they grill lunch, create snow angels, and go sledding. Later that evening, Courtney presents Ben with a photo album she created as well as a heart-felt letter professing her love. Is she finally being real? Could she really be in love with this guy? She is left standing on an emotional ledge as he fails to give any clue about his feelings. At this point, Ben does state something I find rude and totally hurtful. He makes a statement about needing a perspective from two women he trusts as if Courtney’s word is not trustworthy. You can see the pain in her eyes. In her defense, she should be questioning whether or not she wants to be with someone this insensitive.


The ring Ben Flajnik chooses for his proposal on "The Bachelor" 2012!

Neil Lane shows up with several engagement rings to choose from and he selects and older fashioned one which is gorgeous and tells everyone he knows this decision is the right one and who receives the final rose and proposal. As the end draws near, Courtney leaves to meet Ben dressed in a gorgeous black gown topped with a Snow White cape while Lindzi is dressed in an ugly black tube top and blue ruffled skirt topped with a regal green velvet cape fit for a queen.

It is Lindzi who arrives first which is always a BAD sign and the build up is almost too much to believe as Ben tells her he has fallen in love with her but (this is it) moments are to be for a lifetime and they are with someone else. She is so controlled and consoling as she leaves, holding back the flood of tears certain to come and they do once she is in the helicopter.

Courtney arrives next and Ben tells her he promised he would never get down on one knee again until he knew it would be forever before telling her she is his forever and asks her to marry him while she giggles, laughs, and then cries while she says “Yes.” Well, folks, you have it. Courtney receives the engagement ring and final rose along with an “I will love you forever (or at least until the cameras stop rolling!)”.

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