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Anxiety Unplugged! The Dr. Oz Show Today (3/13/12) Gives You Ways to Calm Worries!

On the “Dr. Oz Show” today (3/13/12), Dr. Oz unplugs anxiety by giving us all some natural methods to decrease angst and calm those unruly worries so you can sleep better and enjoy life more fully. The first method is taking control of situations you feel out of control over by getting organized. This can be accomplished through the use of a “Worry Calendar” which is simply an organizational tool meant to take away those worries which clutter our mind by putting them on paper so you can see (and control) them in an orderly fashion. The suggestion is to place all important events as well as bill due dates on a calendar and plan out how to handle each event…for example, if rent is due on the first of the month, place it on the last day of the month and allocate the previous week’s paycheck to it. It is now taken care of and worry is gone!

Another suggestion in handling sudden panic attacks is to slow your breathing which helps decrease blood pressure. This can be done through blowing up a balloon slowly for you have to focus and intentionally slow the breathing after taking in a deep diaphragmatic breath in order to blow the balloon up as big as possible. Since the stomach gets involved with letting us know when we are overstressed, there are methods to calm the nerves which control intestinal function. A preventative measure is to take a 400mg capsule of lemon balm once in the morning and once at night. If stress has already hit, a way to relax the stomach discontent is to use Iberogast (20 drops per glass of water).

On the holistic side of anxiety calming is an elixir made using 1 tsp of lemon juice with 1 tsp of ginger and 1/2 tsp of honey three times a day. If you need an instant emotional calm, Dr. Oz suggests trying the Escents’ Aromatherapy Inhaler.

“The Worry-Free Diet”

There are four groups to this diet that Dr. Oz introduces as well as samples of what foods to find in each:

  1. Complex Carbohydrates (act like natural tranquilizers) – red kidney beans, plums, lima beans, and oatmeal (remember yesterday, Dr. Oz talked about Scottish Oatmeal?)
  2. Trytophan – turkey, shrimp, salmon, kale, and bananas
  3. Vitamin C – red bell pepper, broccoli, oranges, kiwi,peaches, and collard greens (without the fatback)
  4. Omega 3 Fats – salmon, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, and soybeans

There are three examples of meals provided on the show. These include for breakfast, the “Panic-Proof Parfait” which consists of  cantaloupe (vitamin C), cottage cheese, oats, and pistachios. One tip: Cottage cheese is a anxiety reducer MUST HAVE! Keep some in your refrigerator at all times! This was followed by the “Stress-Less Taco Salad” which was created by first making a whole wheat tortilla bowl by placing a tortilla on a muffin pan tuned upside down and baking in oven for a few minutes. Add to the bowl a mixture of black beans, grilled turkey, bell and chili peppers, kernel corn, and Greek yogurt. Finally, for dinner, try the “Wind Down Steak Platter” which features organic, grass-fed beef with blue potatoes that are mashed and plated with steamed asparagus and almonds.

Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock from the Sun) talked a little about her book, Guts, before Dr. Oz showed the audience exactly what happened with her when her abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs caused an ulcer which perforated and leaked into her body causing deadly paratinitis. She should have (and nearly did) died from the experience, but lived to tell about the experience. Dr. Oz gives the three warning signs which are: weight loss, sudden and severe abdominal pain, and black tarry stools. She prepares a one pan dinner of Rosemary Chicken which looks delicious even though she was bleeped.

The show ends with Dr. Oz’s “Anti-Exhaustion Hot List” of fatigue fighters~

  • Liquid B12 by Nature’s Bounty
  • Luna Bar (these are GREAT and a personal recommendation)
  • iPosture ($80 at iposture.com)
  • Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte ($120 at mrcoffee.com)

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