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“Shark Tank” Preview (3/16/12): Cellulite Fixes to Speechless Pitches, Kevin O’Leary is There With Two Cents!

“Shark Tank” tonight (3/16/12) delivers some interesting entrepreneur pitches, including one who is at a loss for words – literally! Stephan Aarstol is speechless when trying to deliver the speech for his company, Tower Paddle Boards, which has developed an inflatable standup board. It appears Kevin O’Leary is nothing more than critical as usual.

Ingrid Michaelson is reportedly to show up with one of the entrepreneurs to help pitch his music software called Miso Media. This is an innovative software which combines polyphonic note detection with direct feedback through the use of the iPhone. Sound cool? Supposedly it is like Guitar Hero for real as it uses real instruments to teach you real music in real time.

We have already seen the Wine Balloon a couple weeks ago, but tonight there is a new product being pitched by Gary DeJohn called the Vinamor Wine Aerator which is a glass sphere with a stainless steel filter that sits on top of a wine glass and exposes the greatest surface of the wine to the most air while being poured. Rumor is this might be a shark buyout, so it will be interesting to see what happens tonight. One thing is certain, Kevin O’Leary will probably suggest the manufacturing is sent overseas to somewhere like China!

Finally, Nick and PenilopeeĀ  LaRosa make a pitch for their product, Skinnies Instant Lifts, which are believed to be applicable “bandage-style” wraps that help reduce the effects of cellulite and sagging skin. There is no word as to whether or not there will be a company follow-up tonight, so be sure to check out the action on ABC this evening starting at 8/7c and in case you miss the show, CMR will have a recap available for you to read!

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