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Dr. Oz Unveils New Miracle Appetite Suppressant Today 3/16/2012

Doctor Oz is having another previously aired show today discussing belly blasting supplements, appetite suppressants, and Deepak Chopra’s Stress Fighting Secrets. The miracle appetite suppressant is Satiereal Saffron Extract. Oz says saffron turns on the same pleasure sensors in our brains that carbs do, so we fell satisfied. He says we need about 90mg a day and we will stop craving those pesky carbs.

The first segment is all about belly and fat blasting supplements for different body types. Oz recommends 7-Keto for those of us that are heavy in the belly. He says take 200mg a day and your belly will melt away. For people who are heavy on the bottom, Oz recommends 125mg a day of Forskolin to shrink their rear area. Some people feel bloated all the time. Oz recommends Caraway Seeds after every meal to get rid of nasty gas and bloating. For stress related weight gain, Oz says we need to regulate our cortisol levels. This can be accomplished by taking 250mg of Relora after each meal.

Deepak Chopra is also on this episode and he give us a simple 5 minute meditation exercise that can be done anywhere. Doing this will help balance your body and reduce your stress levels. He gives the audience 4 ways to stay stress free. Two supplements are recommended and they are Chyawanprash, for building the immune system, and Endorphinate, for releasing more stress fighting chemicals in our body.

Since this is not a new episode, you can see our full recap of this show here.

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