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“My Big Redneck Vacation” Takes a Dive (With Sharks) as the Women Hit the Booze Cruise!

Tonight on “My Big Redneck Vacation” the Hamptons have been inundated with more Southern rednecks as the relatives of the Clampets invade for Michelle and Jared’s upcoming wedding. This evening it takes a dive (with sharks) as the men decide to be adventurous for the bachelor party while the women resort to booze on a cruise. Check out what happened tonight on the CMT presentation of “My Big Redneck Vacation”~

Oh my gosh! This week is about a ton of awkward moments and hilarious scenes when the “Hamptonized” Clampets come face-to-face with “Hickified” Clampets as the families of both Jared and Michelle merge in the North. The first to arrive are members of Jared’s family and immediately out of the mouth of some is wanting to go mudding and where is the beer? They are given a tour of the house which seems almost overwhelming and when they meet Kate’s family, they seem stupefied. The Northern Clampet women show the Southern Clampet women about wine and it seems as though they have fallen off the hick train…awkward! The men do not have much better luck when the North Clampet men take the South Clampet men clamming!

After Michelle’s family shows up, Micheal arrives and takes the families on a tour of the property to explain where things for the wedding will be and how they will be set up. He tells them about the wedding ceremony site which will have flowing drapes of cloth and flowers…okay, stop! AND deer heads with crystals hanging down…now he has their attention! The reception will be on the tennis court with a dance floor and ice bar. A what? He explains what it is and they want a sixteen-point deer head carving. Whatever is his thought! Michelle’s mother wants Michelle and Jared to talk to a marriage counselor which Jared obliges to do and together they manage to completely throw this women off her mark with professions of love following a mud date and the killing of a first buck. At the final dress fitting, Michelle looks like a princess with a perfectly fitting dress.

The group goes out to dinner where the changes really show. The Northern Clampets are comfortable with drinking wine and eating clams and tacos without squirrel meat or even requesting rattlesnake while the Southern Clampets are struggling to find out this restaurant does not serve Red Bull! Michelle’s father is VERY hard to understand as he sounds Cajun and mumbles almost every word. It is almost to crazy to watch how the Hampton Clampets are now giving lessons to the Louisiana Clampets. Who says you can’t take the country out of the hick?

The bachelor party goes shark diving…in an aquarium…in a cage! Jared thinks it is cook but Jesse once again starts in on not thinking that Jared should be getting married. How’s that for a best friend? The guys head to The Boathouse for calamari and drinks for a really tame, by Southern standards, bachelor party where Jesse doesn’t miss beat with another question session about if Jared really wants to do this. Meanwhile, the women have gone shopping for bachelorette party supplies asking about camo and condoms. The group arrives at the yacht club where there are requests for drinks like a swamp donkey and a drowned kitty before they board the party boat where the boozing gets loud and well, weird, as Michelle opens a bottle with her toes and then challenges Kate to do the same. Be sure to tune in next week when the vacation draws to a close with the wedding of the century and one the Hamptons is likely to not forget!

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