Preview (Videos) “60 Minutes” Tonight Reports on the Race to Space and Face Blindness

So what’s on “60 Minutes” tonight (3/18/12)? Scott Peeley covers a story about SpaceX and Elon Musk who believes his company will be the first in the race to space to launch the private sector in to orbit. Lesley Stahl will be covering a medical condition known as face blindness where people cannot recognize even the faces of people they love. There are, as viewers will discover, individuals on the other end of the spectrum as well known as super recognizers, who never forget a face, regardless of the time in between introductions.

In the interview with Scott Peeley, Eron Musk, the founder of SpaceX who is a co-founder of PayPal as well, expresses his dismay at the criticisms by Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan, who have been very critical toward the privatization of space exploration by the government who retired the NASA program not long ago. Musk will allow the cameras into the headquarters of SpaceX in Hawthorne, California to explain what goes on behind the scenes and why he invested in the pursuit of space travel for everyone as a possible means to survival. The interview will air on CBS beginning at 7/6c or immediately following the scheduled NCAA basketball game.



Lesley Stahl talks with several people who suffer from a condition called face blindness, including Dr. Oliver Sacks who is a neurologist studying the disease. According to the report, the condition was first recognized following World War II when men would return unable to recognize wives after experiencing head trauma. Recent discoveries include research that has discovered this condition can be present at birth. The two-part story will attempt to give some insight into awareness of the condition as well as the frustrations faced by those with it. Stahl will explore the flip-side of not being able to recognize the face of someone you know well to not being able to forget a face, even a stranger’s you met a decade before.



Image and video courtesy of CBS

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