“The Walking Dead” Season 2 Finale SNEAK PEEK: How Many Dead Will Remain Walking?


The “Walking Dead” season 2 finale will air tonight on AMC beginning at 9/8c and it will prove to be a blood spilling adventure as the walkers take on those remaining at the farm. In the sneak peek, Carl inquires about what happened out there as Rick tries to figure out how to explain why Carl had to shoot Shane who had become zombified.

As the zombies attack, defending the remaining unaffected becomes a priority as Rick and the gang have to step it up in the fight and innocence is lost as Carl becomes more involved with the massacre of the walking dead. Who will remain walking, dead or alive, at the end of this finale to guide us into the next season? With Shane gone, who will become the new antagonist and how does Lori handle the news? Will we find out that either Darryl or Glenn experienced life altering contact with the walkers as they searched for, and took care of, Randall who Shane had left for anything but dead in his quest to be the ultimate hero? It is going to be one heck of an ending…or new beginning!

Image courtesy of AMC and video courtesy of TVFanatic

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