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“Amazing Race” Preview: Witch Team Will Not Be Going Gnome Tonight!

Tonight on the “Amazing Race” the teams head to Bavaria, Germany where they must create a Gingerbread house in the presence of a witch and scour King Ludwig’s castle for clues. One of the detours includes styling a beard in order to get the clue to move on. Mark and Bopper hit a speed bump where they learn to yodel after finishing the other detour with the gingerbread house where Bopper states the witch is “uglier than a mud rail fence” when talking about the compliments he gave her in order to win favor!

So will the speed bump cost Mark and Bopper a chance to continue or will another team falter this leg of the race and be eliminated? Find out tonight on CBS as the “Amazing Race” airs at 8/7c or immediately following “60 Minutes.” Witch team will be on their way gnome?

Image and video courtesy of CBS

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