Will Tia Carrere Leadership Mop the Floor With Dysfunctional Lou Ferrigno on “Celebrity Apprentice”

Tonight on “The Celebrity Apprentice” the teams become unglued and unhinged as team captains, Lou Ferrigno and Tia Carrere, become frustrated with the way their ad campaigns are going. It doesn’t seem as though Lou can get a handle on the mop and Tia goes to battle with teammates. Clay Aiken manages to get his anger under control. Who will the Trumps, Donald in particular, be fuming at this episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” which will air this evening on NBC starting at 9/8c? Will it be Tia who exits the boardroom victor or villain? Will Lisa Campenelli’s claim Tia sucks the air out of the room (and her teammates) be enough to prompt the Trumps to send her packing? Tune in to see Lou hit the floor and maybe the wall of Trumps as he fights to gain composure.

Image and video clip courtesy of NBC


  1. Sue says

    I think calling Lou “dysfunctional” is really rude! He is hearing impaired and chose not to use an interpreter. The fact that he can’t hear half of what’s going on around him has certainly had an impact on his ability to keep up.

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