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“Survivor One World” Recap: One Idol, Two Idol, Colton Leaves but Remains the Bridle!


This week on “Survivor One World” the gloves come off at the Manono camp and the tribe is REALLY in trouble. Alicia and Colton are becoming a one-two punch of evil as the Prima Donna and his new sidekick start right in on Christina with ridicule and vicious comments like calling her a human cockroach. Alicia is being a royal bitch as she gets more chummy-chummy with Colton. Honestly, I give Christina kudos right now for not slapping the crap out of Alicia who has had an attitude since the first day!

The two tribes meet for the reward challenge which in to bounce a coconut off a trampoline to hit and take out a targets. There are five targets and the tribe to hit all five and break through the paper wins…ICE CREAM! They will be taken to a private “Survivor” ice cream parlor where they will be free to eat as much as they want in whatever style they want from shakes and floats to sundaes and cones. Colton, as usually, begs for the others to win for him and cusses Christina out when she fails to act really engaged. It seems Leif is the one who is getting the scores for the Manono Tribe while Colton fails as miserably as Alicia with both throwing worse than kindergarten girls! It is the Salani Tribe who wins as Troyzan hits the last target beating Manono Tribe 5-3.

As the Salani Tribe walks along the beach, visions of ice cream can be seen on horizon and it is no mirage. As they dive in, the ice cream is melting as fast as it is scooped and the tribe quickly starts to pig out. The take a moment to relax and enjoy the downtime. Meanwhile, back at the Manono tribal camp, Christina is talking strategy with Jonas and Lief about voting out Alicia if they go to tribal council as Alicia stands right behind her. Oops! This tribe is really whack but things get even crazier as Colton starts experiencing stomach pain and headaches. At first they think it is dehydration but after Christina finds him doubled over in the woods, she knows it is far more serious and alerts the medical team. They show up with Jeff and after a field evaluation, it is determined Colton has acute appendicitis. He is evacuated from the game and leaves with the idol as a souvenir, making Alicia promise to tell Sabrina thank you!

Alicia is pissed because she was banking on getting that idol as he left and now Jonas, who faked being upset over Colton’s departure, is now planning to take control of the tribe stating that it was karma which caught up with Colton. Tarzan pulls Leif aside and states he needs to be voting out Christina because she cannot be trusted to which he replies he thought the same thing about Alicia. Tree mail changes everything as both tribes are told they are going to tribal council without an immunity challenge.

What happens at tribal council is interesting. Jeff tells the group about what has happened to Colton causing his premature departure. After some pseudo-sympathy, game play is back on when they are told the tribe is merging! There are now six guys and six girls but it will really be telling as to who aligns with whom as the challenges now become individual and more personal. Only Kim and Chelsea know there is still an individual idol in play while the others guess as to whether or not Colton really left with his as a souvenir or gave it to someone who is not revealing it. So as we go into next week, there has been one idol, two idol but as Colton leaves he remains the bridle and in control from the great beyond as there is no one who is voted out of the tribe…for now!

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