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Dangerous New Diet Craze Exposed On Dr. Oz Show Today 3/22/2012

There is a new diet craze called “Mother’s Little Helper” that is sweeping the country and Dr. Oz says it can be harmful to your health. Guests for today’s show are Dr. Janet Taylor, Dr. Mike Dow, Jackie Warner, Bryce Wylde, and Dr. Clifford Bassett. The show will also feature discussions on alternatives to prescription drugs, allergy dangers in the home, new treatments for allergies, and a new miracle anti aging supplement that will make you look and feel younger.

Over the counter Diet Pills, that promise unreal results, have been around for a long time. Some of these pills contain large doses of caffeine or ephedrine. Both are very addictive. People who took these pills in the past became addicted to them. This addiction can be deadly because the body keeps wanting more of them so it is hard to stop taking them. Revving up your heart with these stimulants can be deadly. It can cause depression like symptoms when the user tries to stop taking them. This new miracle pill called Mother’s Little helper is the latest drug that promises increased alertness and dramatic weight loss. Is it safe? Dr. Oz will give us all the details today.

Oz will also talking of a new anti aging miracle that promises to make you look years younger and will even give you more energy. Many people suffer from allergies and he will be revealing some hidden causes of them that could be in your home. Dr. Oz will also be giving us a new natural way to fight these allergies along with a list of alternatives to popular prescription drugs.

Check your local listings for the time Oz airs in your area. If you can’t watch the show today, check back on CMR for a full recap of today’s episode and learn what this new dirty little diet secret is all about. Click here for our complete recap.

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