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“Shark Tank” Preview (Video): Who Has the Sharks Chomping at the Bait?

Tonight on “Shark Tank” there are some interesting products brought to the tank in hopes of gaining financial support through a partnership with one or more of the investors which sit on the board. Among the products tonight will be a beer-infused ice cream called Brewer’s Cow Ice Cream. I wonder if they have light and dark varieties? This may be just the ticket for those hot summer days at the ball park…beer AND ice cream; what a combination!

For all of those pet owners (listen up, Paris Hilton!) who just cannot seem to find the time to get together a nutritious meal for you pet or feel the effort is just too much trouble, there is a product especially for you tonight – Barkems! This is pre-packaged food for your pets; the purr-fect compliment for those on vacation and need to leave behind Fluffy for a sitter or those traveling on an airplane with Fido. These foods can be your answer to lugging around large bags of food or those annoying cans!

As seen in the video clip, the sharks do not seem too impressed with one of the products and actually get downright furious! IT is obvious by the shark’s reaction they need help, but with what? Could it be Go Go Gear which is safety wear for motorcycle enthusiasts? It might be another digital clothing line called The Ave. Find out what makes the sharks in the “Shark Tank” react this way tonight on ABC beginning at 8/7c. Comments are always welcome and if you miss the show, I will be back later with a recap as it happens to answer that weekly question “Who gets the MONEY?”

Image and video clip courtesy of ABC

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