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Dr. Oz Show Recap: Medium Char Margolis And Dr. Neal Barnard 3/23/2012

The Doctor Oz Show Opens today discussing the afterlife with Medium Char Margolis and continues with Dr. Neal Barnard and how diet can prevent diseases. Oz opens with a packed studio today and introduces Char Margolis. She says people have a sixth sense and we all feel the spirits around us daily. She says we have an ethereal body and we all go to a different plane of existence when we die. Oz shows us a brain and how it works. He says spec scans of psychic brains show they use a different part of the brain when using their gift.

Oz asks Char how fast the soul leaves the body after death. She tells him we all have spirit guides and it varies by the individual. Char tells Oz that he has someone around him with an “M” initial and Oz says his grandfather is near him. She points out that he is thinking about wearing a mouth guard because he grinds his teeth. Oz asks her to read the audience. He asks her to read for Maria, a member in the audience. She asks questions about her life. Maria wears his shirt to bed and Char points that out to her. Char tells her she sees dangling keys. Maria says he always did that in life. Mia, Maria’s daughter, feels her father. Wow!

Char talks about feeling a “William” and a member of the audience. A lady stands and Char sees a name, Manny, and it is her father. Char says Manny wants to see her singing again. Oz asks the audience if they think they could have the power to see or feel spirits around us. He says Char will show us how in the next segment.

Char starts by saying we need to tell the people around us how we feel about them while they are here. She says we all have the gift of intuition. If we sit and visualize it long enough, we will fell them. She says to trust our gut feeling and act upon it. Oz asks if love goes beyond life. Char says she doesn’t know if this is true.

Dr. Neal Barnard is on the show and he says he can lower your cholesterol 30 points naturally. First, Red Yeast Rice extract lowers LDL Cholesterol and he says big Pharma doesn’t want you to know it. You need 1200mg twice a day. Next, Oyster Mushrooms are a natural source of statin and beta glucan. Barnard says we need a half a cup a day. Finally, you can combine okra, tofu, almonds, and benecol spread. This is a knock out combo that attacks cholesterol on all levels. You just need to get all of these in a 12 hour period. Barnard says this will also improve your intimate performance.

Now we get kitchen gadgets to cut the fat out of our diet. First, the “Fat Magnet” will skim the fat off the top of soups and stews. It costs $15 dollars online. Second, the “Healthy Meatloaf Baker” has holes in the pan to drain the grease away as it cooks. Third, the “Dip Clip” is an easy way to see how much dip you are getting and a set of four costs only $8 dollars. Finally, The “Bluapple” is a handy gadget that slows the process of fruits and veggies spoiling. It lasts three months and a whole set of four is only $10 dollars.

Oz now is giving us a low fat chicken pot pie recipe. Use cream and honey instead of shortening to make the crust. Just use your regular mix for this with the substitute. You should only use the crust on top. Now use celery, mushrooms, and stock and cook it for about 20 minutes. Fill bowls about 3/4 full with the filling. Add the crust to the top. Put an egg wash on top for a great golden brown color when cooked. Cook for about 15 minutes and garnish with parmesan cheese on top. You are just cooking a biscuit because the filling has been cooked already. This will cut calories by 20% and cut fat by 70%.

Oz ends the show by saying we can use coconut flour to reduce carbs and it is a great substitute for regular flour.
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