Albert and Aliens

“Bayou Billionaires” Recap (3/24/12): Albert and the Aliens

Tonight on CMT television, the Dowdens of “Bayou Billionaires” play in to Albert’s suspicions there are aliens out of gas and are looking for a way to take the reserves from the ranch. Kitten and the Dowden boys decide to play a joke on Albert and convince him the aliens are real beginning with the creation of mud “crop circles” down by the lake.

Kitten Dowden gives Albert a security camera so he can capture pictures of the aliens he thinks are trying to contact him as he has seen “flashes of light” at night. While he is getting set to take pictures, the Dowden boys decide to get together an alien outfit to parade in front of the camera so Albert can capture pictures of the aliens.

Meanwhile, Gerald Sr. is determined to get his foo-foo dog, Jewel, all dolled up and take some of the mailbox money to purchase her clothes and a photo shoot in hopes of getting an agent for some Hollywood work! Kitten thinks it is a hoot and the boys get involved in giving dad a hard time at the doggie boutique.

Thomas and Gerald Jr. take a frisbee with glow sticks attached and create an image of a flying saucer in front of the deer camera as well as an alien which is actually Thomas painted green. Albert thinks the pictures are real proof and tells Valerie about it who thinks he has lost his mind but tells him she needs more evidence so he decides he is going to communicate with them using vibrations.

Gerald Sr. meets with a dog agent who puts Jewel through some paces and thinks she has the look and temperament sought so agrees to represent her. Gerald is thrilled is little angel could be the next Lassie! Later that evening Valerie finds Albert on top of the trailer strumming his electric guitar in an effort to get a response to his vibrations from the aliens. Gerald Sr. just thinks it is a close encounter of the gullible kind as the Dowden boys tell Albert it was a spoof.

Tune in next week to CMT at 9/8c for the season finale of “Bayou Billionaires” as the Dowden men go camping and the ladies are uninvited. The angry matriarch, Kitten, takes them all on a shopping spree trip to Hollywood! Image courtesy of CMT

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