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Celebrity Apprentice 3/25/2012: Teams Get Their Party On!

Celebrity Apprentice get its party on tonight when the teams are tasked with promoting a drink mix with a party. This should be an interesting task and the spoilers say that one team goes all Biblical with a Garden of Eden theme while the other makes it a Beach Blanket Bingo night with a beach party. Will we see more tension between Penn and the others? Clay called him out last week and that was funny. The women continue to melt down in the boardroom with their little jealous cat fights and they are always funny to watch when they lose.

Lou really stepped up to the plate last week by basically putting all the Glory or Criticism on himself. His video called “Mop the Floor With You” was hilarious and the Donald agreed. The men won but Tia proved she was the bigger person when she refused to bring anyone back with her to the boardroom and gave Donald nobody to fire but her. Of course he kicked her to the curb. I like the fact that she and Adam both took responsibility for their projects and would not point fingers at anyone else. This is what PM’s are supposed to do but most don’t have the guts.

Celebrity Apprentice starts at 8pm eastern time on NBC. If you miss the show, check back on CMr for our full live recap of all the action as it happens tonight.

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  1. jim says

    mr trump,it was very dicky of you not to fire aubrey;she should of been aware of any advertising problems and as project manager failed to properly be incharge of her team!she is very agressive and inappropriately barks louder than the more respectable women on her team drowning out what maybe you should have been focusing on!the loss and fault should fall on the project manager not someone else!this is not the first time you fired aweeker link from previous week instead of firing the person in charge!i probably won’t watch next week because it’s your way or the highway……………..not only did aubrey’s team lose,you did not fire her,but instead gave her charity10000 dollars….guess you like her….i don’t……i think you made joke out of your show sorry no longer a fan

  2. David says

    Wow, a few tears and your charity gets a 10,000 check for no reason. Trump just made it clear that one charity is more note worthy then all the others.

    Pretty much a one sided boardroom tonight, His favorite and the rest. They have lost most of their challenges so far due to Lisa and the red/orange hair wonder; plus Dina won her challenge. No checkbook was opened for her charity but Mr. Trump????

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