Changing the Oil

Amazing Race Treks to Azerbaijan Where “Changing the Oil” Takes on New Meaning!

The “Amazing Race” treks to Azerbaijan on CBS tonight where the remaining contestants discover “changing the oil” takes on new meaning in the traditions of this country. So exactly WHERE is the “Amazing Race” this week? Azerbaijan is a country about the size of Maine which is rich in oil that lies at the gateway between Europe and Eastern Asia near the Caspian Sea in the heartland of ancient civilizations. It is considered one of the most progressive and secular of the Islamic cultures with the highest standard of living and lowest unemployment rate of the Commonwealth of Independent States (once known as the Soviet Union).

This evening there are two detour choices with “A” being the search through a ton of apples for the “Race Apple” in order to receive the clue to the next segment in this leg of the race while “B” requires the scrapping of oil off a patient at the Naftalan Health Center with a show horn and then scrub them down until they are clean before being granted the next clue. Things are about to get really interesting tonight between those being clueless and those whose crude comments gives “changing the oil” new meaning! “Amazing Race” airs on CBS tonight at 8/7c following “60 Minutes” which might be delayed due to the NCAA Tournament games. If you miss the show, CMR will have a recap available after the show.

Image and video clip courtesy of CBS

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