Clueless in Baku

“Amazing Race” Baku Recap (3/25/12): It is Case of “Clueless in Baku”!

CBS tonight brings a new episode of “Amazing Race” as the remaining contestants travel to Baku, Azerbaijan. Find out who is eliminated on “Amazing Race” as well as what the detour choices were and who picked what in addition to what roadblocks existed in this interesting leg of the race. As highlighted in the preview, some teams were introduced to a new meaning of “changing the oil.” Discover who was up to their elbows in apples and why Vanessa and Ralph are clueless in this Baku carpet shop.

The teams leave Bavaria via Munich, Germany to fly through Istanbul, Turkey on the way to Baku, Azerbaijan (“Land of Fire”) which is near the Caspian Sea. Once a province of Russia, it is now an independent country rich in natural gas and oil. When the teams arrive, they must make their way to Temple Ateshgah (“Temple of Fire”) for the first clue. All teams arrive but must wait until sunrise so they engage in traditional dance to music being played by musicians in front of the temple. The seven remaining teams are Art and JJ, Joey and Danny, Vanessa and Ralph, Rachel and Dave, Brendon and Rachel, Bopper and Mark (who think they are going to Africa!), and Nary and Jamie.

The first clue includes the option to participate in a “Fast Forward” which if won will advance the winning team to the pit stop. This “Fast Forward” is to go to a roadside hay market where the teams must pile 150 bales of hay into a rectangle 10 across, 3 deep, and 5 high. Dave and Rachel as well as Joey and Danny decide to take the pit stop. Who will win and who will become the last place team? The other teams head to Occupational Training International for a roadblock of underwater helicopter escape training.

Dave and Rachel kick the crap out of the “Jersey Boys” who have to go back to get the original route clue to take them to the rescue training while Dave and Rachel head to the finish line where they are greeted by Phil Keoghan who announces they each have won a 2013 Ford Taurus SHO. Meanwhile, back at the training center, Bopper, Jamie, and JJ have completed the task and received the next clue which is to head downtown to the Toghrul Karabakh Carpet Shop. Brendon and Vanessa complete the task as well and are right behind the lead group. Joey and Danny finally arrive as the rest of the teams are heading in to the detour segment of this sixth leg of “Amazing Race 20.”

Detour “A” is Apples where the teams must search through an old Russian car filled with more than a ton of apples to find a specially flagged “Race” apple in order to get the clue to the pit stop. Nary and Jamie, Vanessa and Ralph, and finally Danny and Joey take this route while Art and JJ, Brendon and Rachel, and Bopper and Mark take Detour “B” which is to scrape and clean crude oil off patients at the Naftalan Health Center in order to advance to the pit stop at Esplanade Estakaka.

While the teams at the health center experience “changing oil” in a different fashion, the teams at the market are elbow deep in apples. The race is afoot as Art and JJ cross the finish in second place, followed by Mark and Bopper in third and Rachel and Brendon in fourth. They are all happy to still be alive in this competition. Nary and Jamie are disappointed to find out they are fifth. It is between Vanessa and Ralph who have lost their cab driver and Danny and Joey who have come from way behind to catch up. It is Vanessa and Ralph who cross right before the boys from the Jersey Shore who are eliminated. Be sure to check out the CMR poll to cast your vote to who you think will be eliminated as the race heads to Africa in two weeks.

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