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Celebrity Apprentice Recap 3/25/2012: It’s A Drink Mix Party!

Celebrity Apprentice is holding a Drink Mix Promo Party tonight and the teams will have themes from the Garden Of Eden to a Beach party. Our live recap starts tonight with Aubrey talking of hwo the women are divided now. They have been fighting each other and the team is split. Lots of personal vendettas shaping up there also. We get a quick shot of Lou giving Abbey Umali his $50,000 dollar prize for being the winning team captain last week. You can really see Lou is passionate about this cause. He has overcome a lot of obstacles and has succeeded in life despite having Muscular Dystrophy. Now on to the next challenge and Donald announces that Crystal Light has a new line of flavors and the teams will be throwing a promo party. The new flavors are based on popular drinks like appletinis. Project managers this week are Aubrey and Clay. The prize is $50,000 dollars to the project managers charity.

Now the women are going with a “Garden of Eden” theme and the crystal Light execs say the company image should be “sassy” and “vibrant.” The men think this should embody the spirit of “fun” and the women seem to think they are second guessing their theme. Clay says the men will go with a Beach theme. They are going to use “Life’s a Peach” to promote the Peach Bellini. Lisa gets the cold shoulder when she offers to check Patricia’s work. The division in the women’s team is getting bigger.

The men get down to business and Clay has everybody working on different tasks. Everyone seems to be chipping in on the areas they are specialized in. This is one well oiled machine. Penn is going all out to be a team player. Now the women tell their theme idea to Trump. He doesn’t look too impressed here and says they may be missing the “fun” component. Teresa expresses her reservations about the party theme. Looks like someone is padding their bets in case they lose.

It is crunch time and the teams are scrambling with final preparations. Aubrey notices that Patricia has not placed the Crystal Light logo in the pictures. Teresa is calling the carpet people because they have not arrived and it is the centerpiece. The men are in high gear with only minor problems. Lou and Paul struggle with the tiny umbrellas for the drinks. The women finish and open the doors for their party. Lots of people are there. The men open up but there are not so many people there yet. Clay sends Arsenio and Penn outside to get people to join the party.

All of the sudden, the men’s party hits high gear. Clay’s fans come in all dressed in beach wear. People are in bikinis and shorts. It is a real party atmosphere and Arsenio gets the people rolling with conga lines. The women’s party is more laid back and elegant. Lisa does a routine and injects a little humor. Now the Crystal Light execs arrive and the women’s party. Debbie sings her original song and they seem to like it. Now the execs arrive at the men’s party. It is a wild time and everyone is really cutting loose. The men seem to have gotten the “fun” part perfect. Clay sings “Under the Boardwalk” but they didn’t mention the Drink in the song. The men had the better party but the women had better branding.

The execs talk to Donald. They talk of the differences of the party. They seemed to like the song Debbie did and praise Aubrey. They say the men didn’t brand enough in their presentations. The women didn’t focus on the Crystal Light brand enough as a whole and focused too much on the one flavor. This is going to be close. In the boardroom, Donald asks the women how they feel about their party. Aubrey keeps talking about the party and Trump asks Teresa about the theme. Teresa said it was a good theme and she wold fire Dayana if they lose. Lisa says everyone stepped up this week and they all worked together. Now Donald talks to the men. He says the execs loved Clay and the theme. Dee says Clay was great this week and everyone did a great job this week. Trump asks Clay who he will bring back if his team loses. He says he will bring back Dee and Lou or Paul. Aubrey says she would bring back Dayana and Patricia. Trump asks if she hates Venezuela.

Donald says the winner was the Men’s team. Clay gets $50,000 for the National Inclusion Project. Aubrey is in tears. Donald says he is going to give Aubrey $10,000 for her charity. Wow, I guess the Donald is a sucker for a pretty girl in tears. Aubrey brings back Patricia and Dayana. Does Donald let Aubrey escape this week and blame the failure on Patricia? Aubrey defends herself once again. She says she would fire Dayana! She says Patricia is a more useful player. Dayana points out that Aubrey has been a major player the last 6 competitions and they have lost 4 of them. Patricia says the printing was not her mistake because Aubrey approved them all. Aubrey defends herself again and they argue. Donald says the details were the problem with this theme. He fires Patricia. Now Aubrey will have to either mend the fences with Dayana or she will be the next target.
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