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Dr. Oz Today 3/28/2012: Raspberry Ketones And 5 More Fat Busters

The Doctor Oz Show Today has lots of weight loss tips targeted for your specific body type and he will give 5 Fat Busters for 5 Body Types. He promises you will see results in as little as 5 days. The show focuses on a simple change of one meal a day and varies for your specific trouble areas. The show is all about weight loss and diet and features Lisa Lynn, Stacy Cox, Danyelle Freeman, Cynde Watson, and Scott Conant.

Oz gives out a lot of new supplements and natural diet secrets today. First, Raspberry Ketones are one topic and this supplement will tell the fat cells in your body to shrink. He talks of how Red Clover Tea will help people who are big on the bottom. Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA, is a proven supplement to reduce belly fat and even helps prevent cancer. L Carnatine is a great supplement to boost your metabolism and is especially helpful to women who are big on top. Lisa Lynn discuses the benefits of Edipo Nectin and how it tricks your body into thinking it is thin so you burn more fat. Oz even gives us a recap of his favorite spice, cinnamon, and how it helps with blood sugar and diet.

Two other guests will show you how to eat healthy in a restaurant. We will get tips on how to look thinner by changing our wardrobe and also 5 new beauty tips from Cindy Watson. This show originally aired on February 6th and you can find our complete recap here. Hope you enjoy our recap and we will have a brand new show tomorrow so new Oz recaps are on the way.
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