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“Survivor One World” Recap (3/28/12): The New Merged Tribe Struggles With Alliances

“Survivor One World” tonight is the first episode since the tribe was united as truly one world last week following the unforeseen medical emergency exit of Colton. Find out what happens and who is cast out at tribal council tonight on “Survivor” as CMR brings you the action as we see it!

The remaining members of the new tribe with no name is Chelsea, Kim, Kat, Sabrina, Alicia, and Christina for the women and Jay, Troyzan, Leif, Tarzan, Jonas, and Michael for the men. The name might actually be Tikiano which was suggested by Troyzan and means Year of the God.

The reward challenge is a puzzle between two randomly picked teams. The orange team is Alicia, Troyzan, Jay, Sabrina, Chelsea, and Christina. The blue team is Leif, Kat, Michael, Kim, Jonas, and Tarzan. The orange team takes a commanding lead as Leif struggles to dig the hole under the first obstacle. The blue team finally catches up as Sabrina blows the lead looking for the last bag of puzzle pieces in the sand. Troyzan and Christina work well together to solve the puzzle as Jonas and Tarzan catch up and it is down to the last puzzle pieces when the orange team wins! The reward is an afternoon of pizza and beer as well as a secret note. Who is it from and what does it say?

The winning orange team enjoys their pizza and beer. Alicia reads the secret note which states there is an immunity idol back at camp and only this six knows about it. Troyzan gets up early the next morning and finds it in a tree and as he states “The early bird finds the idol!” The individual immunity challenge has the contestants perched on a small log with a wooden tray in hand balancing a ball with one being added each round to three. The last man (or woman) standing wins. They start dropping with Tarzan first and almost as quickly as they start but he is the only one in the first round. He is followed by Christina, Michael, Chelsea and Kim in the second round. The third round finds Alicia, Jay, and Jonas falling followed by Sabrina after having nearly lost it in round two. Leif who really held on far longer than anyone probably thought he would drops out and it is down to Kat and Tryozan. Kat finally steps off the log leaving Troyzan standing and the winner of the first immunity idol for tribal council tonight.

Back at the camp, there seems to be chaos as to whom will be voted off with no real organization. First, it is Chelsea talking with Jay about a (new) Salani alliance vs. (new) Manono and getting rid of Jonas. Then it is a guy’s alliance and wanting to get rid of Kat, then Tarzan pisses of Kim who wants him out of the picture. There are so many personality clashes in this “One World” is actually seems like the current state of our planet!

Jonas stirs the pot at tribal council in hopes of saving himself and announces he is voting for Michael and reveals Kat was a choice determined by Tarzan who goes off on him and announces he will be voting for Jonas. Chelsea comes to Jonas’ rescue and states the dead weight should be cut out so who will be voted off? Jeff tallies the votes and although there are two votes for Michael, the deck seems stacked against Jonas who is cast off the island and in to jury. It just goes to show the chef not to stir the pot unless you are cooking!

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