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Transgender Families In Depth On The Dr. Oz Show Today 3/29/2012

The Doctor Oz Show today is about men, who have made the decision to become women, and the effects it has on their whole family. Oz will show us the inside scoop on the process of making a man into a woman when he takes us into the operating room to see a gender change surgery. This show is all about Health, Family Wellness and Anatomy and will feature Michelle Angello, PhD and Dr. Christine McGinn as special guests.

Being born the wrong gender is a problem many people live with on a daily basis. Some just go through life with what God gave them and learn to live with what they have been given. Others make the decision to change. It starts by living as the opposite sex. This has severe consequences in some societies and Transgenders are the subject of bullying and other forms of discrimination. A few people make the decision to have an operation that will turn them into the person they think they were born to be. This operation is painful and takes years of preparation. Oz will look at another aspect of this life changing decision and focus on what happens to the sons, daughters, and spouses when a father or mother decides to change genders.

The Doctor Oz show airs at different times in different areas. Check your local TV Guide for the time in your area. If you miss the show, check back here on CMR for our full recap of all the latest news Dr. Oz is talking about.
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  1. Marcie says

    I find it so aggravating to hear the references of a person “thinking” they are the other gender. There is no “thinking” here. One KNOWS. And to be able to set in motion and subsequently achieve the proper level of correction is NOT some violation of the Lords Law. Were that to be so then all other person born with deformities should never be assisted and told to put a big “H” on their chest and handle it. Yes, that IS the same thing. I am in fact a spiritual person and we as humans have been born with a level of intelligence which enables to identify and correct things in life thus I have no shame in utilizing that. THAT is how I experience life and spirituality. I will always be grateful for the fact that I was able to receive corrective surgery and am now able to live a “normal life”. I thank God, the Doctors, and modern medical science for clearly understanding this. This is not the Dark Ages. I live and I have every right survive. And thrive just like everyone else.

  2. Alfreda says

    Ms. Brynne Soukup,

    Since you did not specifically state which of my comments you felt were out of line, I cannot directly address them. However, my final comment, “God’s Word is not subjective” still stands. The Bible does NOT leave room for just any personal interpretation–you can find other religions that allow you to do that.

  3. Brynne Soukup says

    I find your comments just a little out of line. In the show we never once touched on what our faith. You are jumping to conclusions without even knowing our family or our faith in God. My spouse and I have a strong Christian faith. Through our struggles in life we have found nothing but comfort and encouragement from Christ. Because someone is different then you or your view on Christianity doesn’t make it wrong. What is important is your personnel relationship with Christ. I wish you the very best in your journey.

  4. Alfreda says

    In response to Ms. Danielle Coates comments:

    I want to clarify if we are speaking of the same issues. I realize that there are all kinds of physical abnormalities that individuals may be born with that are not their fault, i.e. those who have both male and female genitalia at birth. At some point in time an operation which would allow that individual to have a normal life as the male or female that God intended them to be may be necessary. And it is well documented that even with this particular issue there have been complications when a decisions to eradicate a particular sexual organ was made too soon…That’s another discussion.

    The issue that I specifically addressed which was aired on Dr. Oz were men who had male genitalia and even had fathered children, who then totally altered their bodies to that of a female. They then wanted to be accepted as normal to their family and their community. Again, this is not normal nor is it right!

    Our society says, “If it feels right, do it.” Our feelings aren’t always right–in fact they can be the most dangerous gauge when it comes to making any decisions in life. I can feel like driving into oncoming traffic because I “feel” depressed; I can “feel” like chasing someone down the highway and shooting them because they cut me off. My feelings don’t always give me the right to act on them.

    Ms. Coates, I hope that you are not using the Bible and your “Damascus Road Experience” to justify some decision that you have made that goes against God and His word. I hope that you will clarify what you are saying on this forum since we have both declared ourselves to be Christians. God’s Word is NOT subjective.

  5. Danielle Coates says

    As a child of God, and a follower of Christ, and minister of The Word, I cannot let the misguided coments of Alfreda go un answered. God made us who we are, including our psychological makeup and our gender identity, not just our genetic makeup. There is nothing un Christian about seeking to correct this ‘birth defect’ and be the person that both we and God know we should be. Think of it as just another ‘challenge’ we were given to work past through our faith in Him. I thank God every day for my ‘road to Damasas” revelation, just as much as Saul (ne Paul) did for his own. And I thank Him for giving members of the medical community the wisdom and desire to help us realize the ultimate correction of our bodies to conform with who we are. No, God didn’t make a mistake when we were made. Biology made a mistake. God gave us the realization that the mistake could and should be corrected.

  6. marie says

    I am a female that was born with male parts and had the surgery in 2001 to correct my body parts. I know that most everyone will say that you are considered transgender, well i don’t consider myself transgender for i don’t live a gay lifestyle. I am married, adopted a kid and work full time in a job that noone knows of my past. I don’t like to live my past so i look forward and live everyday as the woman i am. I am so very happy that women in our situations are able to get corrections and some of us choose to stay in the gay community which is great for the support but for some of us it is much easier to move a different direction to make our lifes complete. I am for sure grateful for the surgeons that are helping correct the issues and love the fact that it is being accepted for young kids so they have a better chance to be successful as an adult. Don’t live life for anyone other than yourself. I hope anyone reading this understands what i am trying to say. I am not better than any transgender person but i don’t consider myself transgender for i am totally female now. Best wishes and to any female needing this surgery please don’t let anyone stop you for you only have this one life to enjoy being complete.

  7. Alfreda says

    As a Christian (a follower of Jesus Christ), it is always difficult to watch these kinds of shows as they seek to “normalize” something that is absolutely abnormal. When you alter the way God made you in such dramatic fashion, you are telling him that He made a mistake in how you were created. God created the standards for morality and they have not changed.

    The one couple on the show kept saying how “normal” they were. If they were normal they would not have been on Dr. Oz. Man now thinks he is more intelligent than God and that he is justified in living anyway he chooses. What was once wrong is now right, and what was right is now wrong. But there is a deep price to be paid that may not always be evident right away, but God is not a man that He can lie. The Bible says that man was created for the woman and the woman for the man. There are real consequences for going against His standards. I am talking about The Creator, The God of the Bible.

    I recognize that there are real issues here and I am not insensitive to their pain, which I believe to be more spiritual than anything else, and I don’t expect the majority of people who read this forum to really understand what I’m saying. For the sake of time, I would hope that Dr. Oz would interview some men and women who have also struggled with these issues, and maybe still do, but have found healing through Jesus Christ and not did not destroy or alter their bodies in the process.

  8. becky says

    I would have done this years ago but being bullyed or killed faced a real threat. now i am ready . this is going to hurt but i feel it is worth it. this is my decision and no one elses. as for the publicity it gets . . . none of your dam business. have a nice day :)

  9. Patricia L says

    Many trangender women need the surgery and many do not.
    Genital esentialism is not the measure of a woman.
    As a transsexual woman I am happy to associate myself with the transgender umbrela and do not consider the use of the word transgender to be any form of violation of my patients rights. To not allow me to identify as transgender and transsexual is an attempt to control my identity.

    Sorry Lisa but you do not get to make it so Transsexual women like me are forced out of the LGBT or Transgender umbrela.

    I am a member of the LGBT and Transgender.

  10. Elizabeth Jenkins says

    This whole blurb is wrong on so many levels. I wish you would have consulted a transperson to get the terminology and the sequencing of events correct.


  11. Lisa McDonald says

    I believe there is a need for this show but I’m very disappointed in the use of Transgender language. Transgender is a political movement not a medical condition or an identity. As a woman born Transsexual I feel that Doctors who have adopted this word are violating my patients rights by forcing me into an association with the LGBT an organization that is controversial and isn’t as bright and shiny as its portrayed in the media. I also feel as a woman born Transsexual being attached to the LGBT or being labelled Transgender is counter to the whole point of transitioning and trying to fit in as a woman. Not only that it helps to promote the belief that we are all either sexual freaks or gay men who have gone to far. For those who use the word Transgender its all about gender in a socially constructed way. For true Transsexuals its about gender in a biological way and our biological gender identity is anything but a choice. Unfortunately in the USA we still see sex as whats between your legs and to chromosomes instead of seeing the whole biological picture. I like to refer to that as thinking with the wrong head. and failing to see just how important the brain is in the total picture of what determines a persons true sex. If Transgender has any value at all it will be to show the American public that it is not only true Transsexuals that have been receiving Sex Reassignment Surgery and how we have been abused both by the medical community and the LGBT.

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