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“Vampire Diaries” Preview: White Oak, Stakes, and the Murder of One (Klaus) on Menu

Tonight on “The Vampire Diaries,” Damon and Stefan Salvatore gather the supernatural crime fighters together to reveal there has been a new resource of white oak stakes discovered in the sign for the Wickery Bridge restoration project as they seek retribution of Klaus through the murder of one. All the original children are liked together so it will only take one death to fall Klaus, but who will it be?

Last week, Sage almost destroyed the last remaining white oak when her betrayal of Damon (in alliance with Rebekah) set fire to Wickery Bridge. Will Sage’s naivety be her downfall as Klaus and Rebekah use her as a way to get cooperation out of Finn? While Klaus threatens someone close to Bonnie in order to get her to create a protection spell (perhaps her mother who abruptly left Mystic Falls last week), Rebekah exacts revenge on Damon for his misdeeds.

How does Stefan’s current emotional state with unresolved love for Elena Gilbert play into his dangerous confrontation with Klaus, leading to a heartbreaking moment with the doppleganger (can they even deal with any more heartbreak at this point)? Found out tonight on “Vampire Diaries” which airs on the CW at 8/7c. If you miss the show, return for the always informative recap!

Image and video clip courtesy of the CW


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