“The Vampire Diaries” Recap (3/29/12): Who Falls in Mystic Falls as the Murder of One Plan is Executed?

Tonight on “The Vampire Diaries” it about the murder of one but is Klaus the only one on the menu? Elena tries to find out about Alaric’s condition but Damon stops her at the door as she cannot see what is behind it…which is the making of white oak stakes from the sign for the Wickery Bridge. Damon gives Alaric back his ring to wear while Elena tells Caroline that it was Alaric who killed her father.

Matt, Carolina, and Elena meet Damon and Stefan in the woods where they are told about the white oak stakes and the plan for the originals, Klaus in particular. Since the original children are bound together by a spell cast on them by their mother, it will take only killing one of them for Klaus to fall. The plan is to distract Rebekah or Finn and take out one of them who are far less strong. It will be whatever opportunity presents itself first.

In the meantime, Klaus (and Rebekah) catch up with Fin and convince him to return to Mystic Falls where he finds Sage has returned. Meanwhile, Klaus has threatened harm to someone Bonnie loves if she does not undue the spell of binding and has Kol look in on Jeremy. With Jeremy’s life in jeopardy, Bonnie uses the blood of the original kids to break the spell just as Stefan, Elena, and Matt use the opportunity presented at the bar to separate Finn from Sage and take him out but it is too late and Klaus still lives!

While this is taking place, Rebekah still has Damon shackled by animal traps while she engages in viscous cutting to drain him slowly of vervain. Rebekah has created the illusion inside Damon’s head that Elena has come to his rescue when in actuality she has had an encounter with Stefan who wants to proceed with the plan at the risk of his brother even though Elena truly wants to save Damon.

At this point, it seems as though the murder of one results in only the loss of the original Finn. Bonnie calls Elena to tell her Klaus has Damon but she broke the unity spell so he is still alive. At this time, Sage shows up to deal with Stefan for killing Finn but becomes sick along with Troy but why? Elena, Caroline, and Stefan figure out it is because they are from Finn’s bloodline and once he was killed, all vampires with his blood die as well meaning that whoever started the bloodline to which Damon, Stefan, and Caroline belong to will die if the original is killed. They decide to keep three stakes and flush out who started the line but later realize that if Klaus dies, so does Tyler who is sired by Klaus.

One has to wonder at this point if Mommie Dearest knew this when she linked them together and where or not Finn knew when he asked Sage how many she had turned while drinking at the bar before he died? Stefan shows up with eight stakes to give to Klaus stating they are the only ones left which he does not believe and compels Damon to tell there are eleven. Klaus then compels Damon to leave causing him to try to rip his hands from the traps then stops when Stefan agrees to gather the last of the white oak. Rebekah releases Damon in good faith…perhaps out of sympathy after all?

Rebekah sees the true nature of her brother Klaus when he has no sympathy for the death of Finn claiming him to be pathetic when she mentions the fact the Salvatore brothers would lay down their lives for one another which is what family is about. Klaus tells her he plans on leaving Mystic Falls with Elena to create a new family using her blood for hybrids and if she stays, she is as pathetic as Finn meaning he could careless about what happens to her or Kol. Will this place her at odds with Klaus and once more in the camp of the Salvatore?

Stefan makes a heartbreaking revelation to Elena that he is the one who pushed her away and the reason she is in love with Damon which she denies to a degree stating she does not know how she feels. It is one more crushing blow to this tenuous relationship once so strong. As Damon confronts Alaric about the stake, it is discovered that the alter ego has come out to play and hidden the last white oak stake. Where is the missing stake which has the capacity to kill the original whose blood flows through Damon and Stefan?

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