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One Shark Offers Biggest Buyout of $4 Million on “Shark Tank” Tonight? What was the Bait?

Tonight “Shark Tank”  revisits an episode last spring where there was one investing shark who was willing to offer the biggest buyout in the show’s history of $4 million but for what? What was the bait? Did the entrepreneur take the offer? Click here for the previous recap.

There will be four new companies in the tank in three weeks when “Shark Tank” returns as well as an update on one company from last season. Please return to find out whether it is Sullivan Generator, Blondie Cookies, Copa Di Vino, or Viewsport which gets hooked for the cash.

Blondie’s Cookies is a company from Indiana and after investigating the website, these cookies look AWESOMELY GOOD! There are even brownies as well! Yum…but what is the pitch for the “Shark Tank?” The one downfall I saw was they are relatively expensive. It will be interesting to see what is being sought this evening.

Copa Di Vino is supposedly returning to “Shark Tank” but I do not remember ever seeing it on a previous episode. It is a glass of wine which is bottled right in the glass in which it is served. This should be an interesting presentation and it will be equally interesting to find out what is being sought from the sharks.

I could not get an exact fix on Sullivan Generators but it might be related to a company that produces parts for model aircraft. This one will have to wait for further information from the show in addition to what is exactly being requested during the pitch for investment. Finally, Viewsport looks like an product worth talking about as it is sweat activated promotions. It can be expressions which tell about yourself such as “I AM”….”THE COMPETITION” which is one of the shirt slogans found on the website. Considering the technology, the products are reasonably priced, so what investment is being sought on “Shark Tank?” Find out when ABC airs this new episode in three weeks. If you miss the show, return to CMR for the detailed recap!

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