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Dr. Oz Show 3/30/2012 Recap: Reversing The Aging Process

Doctor Oz Today is all about recognizing the warning signs of premature aging and how you can reverse them to look younger and feel great. Oz opens the show by saying you can turn back time and reverse premature aging. First, Danielle has forehead wrinkles and Oz says she needs to get on top of this immediately. He says most people can turn back the clock if they catch it in time. Ellen Marmur says if you are 30 years old and have more than 3 wrinkles then you have premature aging. She recommends “Frownies” pads to fix this. Just put them on at bed time and let them stay on overnight.

Next, Oz talks of graying hair. Dr. Howard Brooks says this is related to stress and hydrogen peroxide accumulation. You can do a check by looking at your brush and checking the number of gray hairs. He recommends 1000mg of Chlorella a day. Third, sun spots on the hand are a big sign of premature aging. Dr. Jordana Gilman says you need to worry about sun spots when you can actually feel them. Pinch your skin on your hand and let go. If it stays wrinkled then you have premature aging of the skin. To treat sun spots, use lemon juice by rubbing a lemon on your skin. You can use Phloretin CF Gel to help get rid of sun spots and protect your skin from further aging. You can use this one the face and whole body. Finally, saggy knees can be a sign of premature aging. To test for saggy knees, sit on a chair and stand to see if the skin stays saggy. To fix this, use exercises like squats and other leg related exercises. You can even use an electric muscle pulsator to exercise the muscles around your knees.

The next segment is about fixing premature aging instantly with over the counter products. To fix crow’s feet, use Olay Total Effects Eye treatment. For dark eye circles, use Eau Thermale Avene eye cream. To treat laugh lines, use Dr. Lewin’s Instant Dermal
Wrinkle Filler. Finally, to treat saggy jaw skin, use Roc Anti Gravity Night Cream every night before bed.

Oz says you can tell a lot about your health by the way you write. He says to write “she sells sea shells” and “the tide is wide” on a piece of paper in cursive. Cathy McKnight is on the show and she says hand writing analysis tells us a lot about our health. Oz says to look at the first phrase. If you leave your “s” is open at the bottom you are giving out power and submitting to others. It means you are very agreeable with others. If you try too hard to please others it can cause heart disease. Cathy says you can change your health by changing your writing. Oz says he never thought of this seriously but he can see how this can make us more aware of our bodies and see problems. The second phrase, looking at the “t”, “d”, and “e”, and see if they are open loops. Open loops can signal depression. It can also show open mindedness. Cathy says by changing your writing, you can change your behavior.

The next segment is about how body language effects your health and let you know something is wrong. First, yawning is a sign of a major problem if you do it all the time and can signal serious health problems. Next, blinking more the 14 times a minute can be a sign that you may be getting a cold. You need to find your baseline by checking the number of times you blink in a minute and then look for major changes in the number. More blinks signal colds and flu but lower blinks can signal things like strokes. Hand gestures can be a signal of depression if you find yourself not doing it as much as you used to do it. People who use their hands while talking have a great way to check for possible problems. Basically, any major change in your normal body language can signal problems with your health.

Now we get 5 health secrets hidden in your hands. Oz gives us a golf ball to use reflexology on yourself. Put it between your hands and roll it in your palms for about 45 seconds. This will help with digestion. For exhaustion, look at the middle of your thumb and dig your nail into this area. It will help increase your energy. To deal with congestion, look to the fingers. You can rub up your fingers by squeezing the finger at the base and going up and down. This will clear your sinuses. For upper back pain you should look at the thumb and massage down to the wrist. Do this two or three times a day. Finally, for fixing your libido you can twist your wrist with your other hand by making a wring with your fingers. Twisting feels great and will help your libido.

As the show ends, Oz says we can use some natural ways to make our skin look better. First, use Rose Hip Seed oil to fight wrinkles around your eyes. Corn flower made into a paste will get rid of puffy eyes. Using Strawberries and yogurt mixed in a blender and applied to the skin will help make it firmer and tighter.
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