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Undercover Boss Recap 3/30/2012: Harlan Kent Of Yankee Candles

Undercover Boss heads to Massachusetts where CEO Harlan Kent will go undercover at the Yankee Candle Company. The show opens with the history and details of how Yankee Candle is the largest candle company in the world. It was started by a kid when he melted crayons to make a Christmas Candle for his mom. Now it is the largest scented candle company in the world. They evaluate over 2000 different fragrances each year to find new ideas. Harlan has been CEO for two years now and wants to expand the company to have gross sales of over $1 billion a year. Candles are big business here in Massachusetts. We are live blogging the show tonight so keep coming back to CMR or refreshing this page to get the latest updates on Undercover Boss.

First, Harlan goes to South Deerfield and the flagship store of the company. He meet Blaze, a sales associate, and they get right into the different areas of the store. Blaze talks about how some kids make a mess. Will seems shocked at Blaze’s attitude and his temper. Harlan gets into making wax hands and is interacting with the customers. Blaze seems to think something is up but he can’t figure it out. They talk and Blaze tells him he is very good at making Candles. Blaze thinks something is up with Harlan and he talks to another employee about how he feels like he is on Undercover Boss. Now Kent tells Blaze who he really is and tells him he needs to evaluate what he has heard. Blaze has to be very nervous now.

Next, Harlan goes to the production plant and meets Jose and they get into packing boxes with candles. Jose is a go getter and is very concerned about quality. Jose sees that Harlan is not very good at packing. Jose bails him out and talks of how it is hard to move up at the company. Jose thinks the only way to move up is by playing office politics. Jose talks of his other business and how he is trying to make a go of it being a business owner himself. He invites Harlan to come have a workout with him. They go to a gritty gym that is helping keep kids on the right track by teaching them MMA fighting. He and a few friends started this and have made this place by doing fundraisers.

Now Harlan goes to Georgia and works in another retail store. He meets Megan and she thinks he is slow and needs to speed up. Megan has him doing all the grunt work while she just watches. Megan talks of having epilepsy as they hand out coupons in front of the store. Now he heads to Pennsylvania and will be a manager trainee. Dan is his trainer and tells him to improvise a display. Harlan finds out that sometimes displays are sent without all the stuff needed to make it. Now they eat lunch with a microwave sandwich and talk about family. Dan talks of how he lost his dad and is there to help his mom and sister while going to college.

Now it is time to make changes. Harlan has found a lot of insight from some of the employees he has been working with. Now he brings in the employees that he worked with and this will be interesting. Blaze is first and tells Harlan he has problems at home and it effects his job performance. Harlan believes Blaze needs a role model and offers to be his mentor. Next is Jose and Harlan tells him he is getting a promotion to team leader. Jose also get $5,000 dollars to use for anything he wants and $10,000 dollars for the gyms project. Megan is going to get her store renovated and $20,000 dollars for helping with her epilepsy. Dan is going to get $15,000 dollars to help his family. Harlan tell him he admires the way he has stepped up with the passing of his dad and is giving him $10,000 dollars more to help pay for his college tuition.

The show ends with Harlan spending time with his dad and thanking him for his support all these years. We get an update that says Blaze is really growing with Harlan as a mentor, Jose’s gym is so successful that they are having to expand, Megan has had some progress in treating her epilepsy, and Dan has paid off all his mom’s bills and is continuing with his college.
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  1. Betsy says

    I just found it kind of ironic that on the one hand, Harlan Kent says that politics has nothing to do with promotions at the company, but then a few seconds later, uses his connections to make sure that the Georgia employee gets the care she needed. This is good for the one employee, but how many others have medical problems and aren’t getting the care that they need? The older I get, the more it seems like the only people who won’t admit that politics/connections/nepotism/whatever don’t matter are those who benefit the most from it.

  2. tim says

    This was funny when the cocky guy figured out who was actually at work with him. He better consider himself lucky if he gets tokeep his job.

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