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“Bayou Billionaires” (3/31/12) Recap: Separate Vacations for Dowden Girls and Guys!

Tonight on CMT, it is the “Bayou Billionaires” season finale and Kitten and Gerald Dowden wind up having separate vacations. After Gerald comes home with a brand new fifth wheel camper, he tells Kitten he is taking the Dowden guys camping in the woods which pisses Kitten off, so she decides to treat the Dowden girls to a weekend in Hollywood.

Kitten rents a limousine to tote around the gang in true movie star style. Chantel is riding around with sunglasses on “cause we in Hollywood” as they enter Beverly Hills. The Dowden matriarch treats them first to a morning at the spa where they get the royal treatment fir for the queens they are. Meanwhile, back in Louisiana, Gerald is throwing everyone out of the new camper where he finds them sitting in front of the television playing video games in air conditioning. He decides there will be no more “sissy camping” and teaches the guys a lesson in “roughing it” as he makes them build a shelter for the night.

Back in California, the Dowden girls are getting spray tans and lounging by the pool while the Dowden guys are slaving in the swamp trying to figure out how to make a shelter. Albert suggests running a line to throw a tarp over but Gerald states he wants it made from sticks. Gerald later tells the guys how disappointed he is because they shelters look like crap and they failed to work together. Kitten and the women ride segaways on the beach in 70 weather while the guys are sweating it in 105. No mercy!

Dinner for both groups is less than delicious, though, as Kitten takes the girls to a Japanese Sushi restaurant and the guys try to cook fish over a campfire. Valerie thinks the waiter tells them about a Japanese “topless bar” when he is talking about a “tapas bar.” You cannot always take the redneck out of the country! Neither camp of the Dowden’s are enjoying the meals. As the women head home, the guys fall asleep under the stars but Gerald sneaks in to the camper for the night. The next evening, the guys meet the girls at the airport with flowers and although vacations are nice, there is no place like home with the love and comforts of family!

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