60 Minutes Tonight 4/1/2012: Is Sugar Killing Us? Space Shuttle And Art

60 Minutes tonight features Dr. Sanjay Gupta and new evidence that sugar is very bad for our health, the economic impact of the Space Shuttle, and Art Investing.

Morley Safer will head down to Miami to see what all the buzz is about in the art world. Investing in Contemporary Art is big business and some say it is a better way of making money over the stock market.

Scott Pelley will be in South Florida to look at life after the Space Shuttle Program was dissolved. Yes the government is saving money by eliminating the program but what about the local economic impact? Over 7,000 people lost their jobs at Kennedy Space Center when the program ended last year. Many local businesses are in very bad shape now.

The biggest topic of the night comes from Dr. Sanjay Gupta as he talks with doctors who say that sugar is killing us. Obesity and especially Childhood Obesity are on the rise. many experts say it is from our diet of processed foods and all the sugar we get from sodas and other artificial foods. Diabetes is on the rise and some studies seem to point the finger at sugar. Can sugar really be killing us? Find out tonight.

60 Minutes airs at 7pm eastern time on CBS. If you miss the show you can check back on CMR for a full recap of all the latest news covered tonight.
Photo courtesy of: CBS


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