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  1. Debby Martin says

    To Amy, dated April 3, 2012:
    ARE YOU ON CRACK??? – Come on! Get some help and until you can comment intelligently, please don’t waste our time posting here OR ANYWHERE ELSE!!!

  2. amy says

    Why do people spend so much time upselling themselves? You are fat if you’re fat… You are unschooled if you’re that too. To lazy…… Join the rest of us …..fall off the grid…..

  3. Debby Martin says

    I can honestly say that I have NEVER BULLIED or INTENTIONALLY HURT ANYONE in my entire life! Just because you and your kind have done so, doesn’t mean the rest of us have! There are good people out there – Unfortunately, there is more EVIL than good and Bullies are a PRIME example of that!
    If you are guilty of this SHAMEFUL conduct toward ANOTHER HUMAN BEING then YOU, the MEAN GIRLS, AND the PSYCHOPATHIC, CREEPY BOYS – you live with it! At least you can live – Phoebe Prince can’t.
    p.s. I fully agree with all of the other Posters – and, yes, the NEGLIGENT, so-called Parents should have been held accountable too!

  4. KO says

    Phoebe Prince was a sweet girl from the time i had known her, but i also know a few of the kids who were harassing her and i can tell you first hand that some of them will never be the same and will never be able to take back what they said and did to her.
    And im sorry but if you have a daughter under the age of 16, i can almost guarentee her sexual encounter with a guy a year or two older is consentual. Reguardless of the law, so you people saying that the boys should have been charged with rape? by hearsay? is crazy.
    Phoebe will never be able to defend herself ever again and her family is suffering a terrible loss and the pain will never go away, but also keep in mind that these six teens will forever live with the fact that they are partically responsible for the loss of this sweet girl.
    That is alot on their shoulders too.

    Maybe take a step back and look at the entire picture.

    Cause a few years ago i am sure you were not all innocent in treating someone poorly.

    ignorance is bliss

  5. Deanne says

    Shawn Mulveyhill should have been charged with at least Rape. When a grown teen exbits this type of behavior, it usually gets worse towards women as they age. They become the abusive boyfriend, husband. Its obvious his parents have raised him up to think he is a gift to this world. He is only a stupid football player who will be remembered for, not his football, but his vicious acts towards Phoebe. How he instigated the situation. Everytime I hear or see the Mulveyhill name, I will think of what Shawn did to Phoebe. Hopefully any future employers will see his name on a Resume and not hire him, until he has made some form of restitution for his actions, that is agreeable to her family.

    Girls, do you see what the boys do? Girls should be standing together, not bullying each other because of a boy who has no conscience or morals.

    And as for the other kids. They should be made to do some serious community time. How about being a big sister to little sisters who have lost their big sisters? Or spend some time in a mental health facility so they can see what real life is like.

    The only tears you cried were for yourselves. When you thought you were going to get into trouble.
    and all of your names are out there……………..for everyone to see. I bet you are way more popular than you thought you would ever be.

  6. Deb says

    Shame on Emily B, senior editor of Maybe some day she will have a daughter that is bulled. She does not know her ass from a hole in a ground, every thing that came out of her mouth was cramp! She is not a srink, and has not lived long enough to know of what she speak’s! If you are not guilty, you do not have to say your sorry, if your not guilty you do not want to take back what you said to Phobe! Firer Emily B. now! All those that hurt Phobe will have to answer for what they did some day, and have to live with the fact that they killed Phobe.

  7. Debby Martin says

    Having just watched the story of Phoebe Prince, I could not help but recall the torture and the despair I felt at the hands of the Mean Girls in my high school. Instead of being the best days of my life, high school became the worst days of my life. And I never could understand why it was happening to me. Only later, did I realize that it was all due to jealousy and mean-spiritedness. They bullied just because they could.
    The so-called reporter for the off-brand website was in all liklihood a bully herself that’s why she felt the need to defend the Mean Girls and the Psychopathic Boys in that school. Whatever Phoebe’s history, she did not deserve to be humiliated, stalked and terrorized as she was physically and on-line. The one Mean Girl who was interviewed on camera STILL would not take responsibility for the harrassment and the torture of Phoebe Prince and was indeed crying ONLY for herself – not for Phoebe. Bullying is a real problem – not only in our schools but also in society in general and LAWS need to be imposed across the board to stop it. Only by holding the bullies, the school administrators and the CEOs criminally and financially responsible will it be stopped.
    I congratulate the gentleman reporter for bringing this story to life and reporting the truth, the District Attorney’s Office for prosecuting the case; for Kate Snow and NBC’s Dateline for bringing us the update on “What Happened to Phoebe Prince?” and to all for bringing a measure of justice to Phoebe Prince and please always remember – Bully children grow up to be Adult Bullies. This terroism must be stopped in our schools, in our workplaces and in society.

  8. Sarah guetersloh says

    I saw lack of remorse in the young adults of bullying of Phoebe Prince. The young adults are pouring out how sorry they are now because of the consequence they are faced with now. They to me feel no guilt of Phoebe Prince. Will do again

  9. Lynn says

    Those kids got off far too easy. They should be required to go to schools, juvenile detention centers, etc and talk to people about what they did. And why aren’t their parents being held responsible. They are the ones who raised them to be the way they are, and they obviously failed to monitor their child’s behavior. They should be checking their consistently monitoring their facebooks, even if it means placing parental controls and spyware on laptops, as well as every text message.

    There needs to be a law passed thru which the parents of bullies can be sued by the victim and their family. I would be that knowing that they have the potential of losing their money and material things, parents would sit down and have some pretty serious talks with their kids about what the consequences of their behaviors would be.

    Not only do I talk to my kids about this, but they each know that if they are ever caught behaving int this way, I will personally take them into the school to perform a public apology, then to the homes of those they hurt, and that would be just the beginning. It is our responsibility as parents to raise compassionate and kind children who will then grow up to be compassionate and kind adults. But then I guess what happens to us is always someone else’s fault.

  10. ann says

    I believe the teens were bullying the only thing they are sorry is that they got caught. Teachers were just as much to blame.

  11. Madai says

    I am watching Dateline and I cannot believe this reporter is actually saying that because this girl had other issue whatever they may be what these kids did is somehow not to blame for what happened. Are you kidding me everyone has something every single one of us has a life that if examined can make us look a bit off or something that we have done that we are not proud of or bad choices.
    NONE of those things excuse the fact that this girl was tormented by these kids. Is this reporter kidding even these kids now seem to realize even if not completely that they did something wrong.
    There is no excuse for bullying. Bullies always have a good reason why they do this she was a whore she was crazy she was whatever. He is weak he is short he is not like us….There is no excuse for this behavior.
    This mob mentality is unbelievable. One of the biggest problem here is that we are teaching our kids that they can do whatever they want they have the right to express any stupied thought that runs thru there harmon filled teenage brain. And there are no consequences.
    Its about time parents are also held responsible for there children if you don’t know what your kid is doing then you better find out or you will be paying a very stiff price.
    In this country if you don’t send you kids to school you are breaking the law. If your kid attacks another kid you better make sure they know that there will be consequences at home.

  12. Susan says

    Funny, but what *I’m* watching sounds like a soft-pedaling of the entire incident, with the bullies being shown in a sympathetic, almost exculpating light. Phoebe is being called mentally ill (“depressed”) & they are trying to put the bully tag on HER by saying that she one “wrote a mean thing” about another girl in Ireland. Is this some sort of April Fool’s joke?

  13. TC says

    These PEOPLE will not change. This kind of person that tortures others in grade school will be the first in an employment environment or in an huge social network (like in a beach town) will do the same thing again when they have an opportunity. The idea is to make another look bad in order to feel good about yourself.

    It starts at home, they were not taught any empathy and should suffer for their cruel behavior as should their parents.

    Sometimes in life we can not undue the damage done. Simple as that.

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