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Dr. Oz Today 4/2/2012: Shake Up Your Shopping Cart

The Dr. Oz Show Today is all about diet, weight loss, and family health with Oz showing us how to Survive the Super Market scams. Special guests today are Kate Gaegan, Lisa Lynn, Aaron “Big Daddy” McCargo, Sue Perry, and Liz Josefsberg. Oz will take us to the grocery store and give out tips on how to find the best buys for losing weight and staying healthy.

Not all groceries are created the same. Some products say they are low fat but actually are high in fat. Oz has talked about how to recognize really healthy products for the fake ones on previous shows. He talks of the code words used by manufacturers designed to trick us into thinking a product is healthy. Words like “low in sodium” have no specific meaning and you should always look for “no salt added” instead. Sugar is another ingredient that can easily be misread and you should always look for “no added sugar” on product labels.

Super Markets sometimes use underhanded tactics to get you to buy a product. Corporations do studies on where to place a product to get more people to buy it. You ever wonder why all that tempting stuff is right in your line of sight on the grocery shelves? It is called marketing and it works. Learning how to adjust the way you shop can save you a lot of money and also get your diet on track. Look for Oz to give us his exclusive Supermarket Survival Guide full of helpful tips on shopping healthy.

Dr. Oz airs at different times across the country so check you local listings for the time the show comes on in your area. If you can’t watch the show, check back on CMR at 5pm eastern time for a full recap of all the latest news Doctor Oz is talking about.

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