Oz Supermarket survival

Dr. Oz Gives Out His Supermarket Survival Guide Today 4/2/2012 (Recap)

Oz Supermarket survival

Shopping Healthy

Dr. Oz has three experts take us shopping to expose the marketing strategy some companies use to scam us into buying unhealthy foods. The show opens with Oz telling us the supermarket can be the most frustrating thing we do each week and it has a big effect on our health. He sends out Kate Gegan, Big Daddy, and Lisa Lynn to show us how to shop for healthy foods that won’t. First, make sure 80% of your foods, in your cart, are made of one ingredient. Always eat before your shop and make sure you load up on spices like cumin and pepper.

Lisa Lynn says to focus on fresh veggies and fruits instead of boxed foods and Big Daddy says it is important to make a shopping list. Kate says to look for lean meat with “Loin”, “Grassfed”, and “round” in your meat label. She says to eat meat only once a week and then eat fish and chicken for the rest of the week. Lisa says “white” fish is the key to losing weight. For produce, you should make half your cart filled with fruit and veggies. Don’t forget the frozen veggies. Kate says you should focus on “baby” greens to use on salads and she recommends sweet potatoes. Lisa says to eat celery and cabbage because they will fill you up and not bulk up your calorie intake. Big Daddy says use lemon and lime zest and the juice as a salt substitute. Finally, you can eat whole grain pasta and einkorn wheat. Einkorn wheat is a healthy whole grain carb that will fill you up. Lisa says to use Japanese rice crackers for snacks.

The next segment is about how to avoid Supermarket Scams. First, look out for multiple item discounts. Lots of stores will give you the discounted price even if you don’t buy the required amount. an example is that a store that has a special to 3 items for $10 will give you the discount even if you only buy one item. Next we see how the word “organic” really has no concrete definition. Many stores sell produce labeled “organic” that are actually treated with pesticides. If you see chicken and fish labeled “organic” it is probably a scam. You can also try to change the direction you shop. Many stores try to force you into shopping in a certain direction. You can beat the system by starting on the opposite end of the store that you enter through. If your store entrance is on the right then they want you to shop counter clockwise and vise versa. Next time you shop, try going in the opposite direction of the normal setup and see if it helps. Finally, bright colored fruit and veggies could be treated with chemicals to make them look that way. Only buy fruits that are in season to make sure you are getting the fresh stuff.

Now Dr. Oz gives us 5 rules to live by from his Transformation Nation program to keep your whole family healthy. First, make your meals the same as everyone else in the house. Don’t cook one meal for yourself and then another meal for the kids. Second, stay away from unhelathy snacks and use things like Japanese crackers and fresh fruits and veggies instead of chips and candy. Third, make three meals each week a family affair. Use these three meals to get the whole family involved and get your kids on the road to cooking healthy. Fourth, keep your kids and you on some kind of exercise routine. Make is a family walk or just find some activity you can all do together. Finally, make sure the rules in your house are for everyone and nobody is exempt.

Now we get a healthy meal the whole family can make easily. It is Stromboli and start with whole wheat pizza dough. Spread a little honey mustard and add a slice of lean ham. Now add a slice of turkey with some low fat cheese. Add Arrugola and spices. Fold this up and tuck the edges so it doesn’t leak. Spray with cooking spray and bake in the oven. This makes a great healthy meal the family will have fun making.

Now Oz shows us ways to use box cake mix to make healthy snacks in a three way cook off. First, Pina Colada Cupcakes are made with white box cake mix. Just substitute crushed pineapple and coconut milk for the oil and water. Use fat free vanilla pudding and 1/2 can of crushed pineapple for the icing and top with light whipped topping and coconut flakes. Second, you can make a Dark Chocolate Berry Layer Cheesecake. Just use egg whites and add 1/2 cup of applesauce in the recipe. Now make the cheesecake part by using Ricotta cheese, melted dark chocolate, and non fat yogurt. Bake the cake and layer in the cheesecake. Add any berries you want for a delicious healthy dessert. Finally, we get a Olive Oil Zucchini Cake. Just start with yellow cake mix and add carrots and Zucchini. Use Neufchatel as a cream cheese substitute on the icing. Big Daddy was the judge here and he said the Zucchini cake was a winner.

As the show ends, Oz says Kefir Milk will help keep you colon healthy and no sugar added tapioca pudding is a great snack that is healthy. For more info on any of these topics, go to Dr. Oz’s web site by following the link below.
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