“Dancing with the Stars” Week 3 Recap: Derek Hough and Maria Menounos Kiss on the Dance Floor!


It's "Dancing with the Stars" performance evaluation time!

It’s “Dancing with the Stars” week 3 and performance evaluation time for several dance styles including the rumba and samba. Get your tissues ready because this is the night the celebrities choose a song from the most memorable year of their lives and explain the reason behind the choice.

First up this evening is Jack Wagner and Ann Trebunskaya with the samba. Jack chooses on of his own songs for the dance, “Lighting Up the Night” as it was the favorite of his daughter, Kerry, whom he met for the first time last year (2011) at a concert he was performing in Florida. The emotional moment brought him to tears tonight as he dedicates the dance to his daughter who is in the audience. It was a decent performance and Len Goodman starts with a smile and “I had a couple of happy pills before I came on, so I’m in a really good mood” but praised the performance as being much more in control than last week. The scores are 8-8-8 for a total of “24” for the team this week. You can vote for them at 800-868-3402.

Next up is the shocking dance of Derek Hough and partner, Maria Menounos, who kiss on the dance floor in a HOT and SENSUAL rumba to “Material Girl” by Madonna. This dance is a dedication to her parents for the year 1988 when she realized how much they did to keep a roof over her head. Her extensions were lovely and that flip to the ground where Derek lowered himself on to her to kiss was what Len Goodman termed as “a mixture of ballroom with a touch of

Derek and Maria Kiss

Now this is HOT!

bedroom.” Her dress was even a little bedroomy! Bruno “felt it” and Carrie Ann was tongue-tied, stumbling over her words. This is one of the frontrunner teams! The score is 9-9-9 for a total of “27.” You can vote for them at 800-868-3401.

Gladys Knight and her “Pip” Tristan MacManus take to the dance floor with a foxtrot to “Cupid” by Sam Cooke. Gladys choose the year 1957 as her most memorable since it was the first tour she had as Gladys Knight and the Pips at the age of 13. This is an elegant dance with much improved frame prompting Bruno to remark “You are such grace” and that she was! The Empress of Soul brought Motown to the ballroom tonight and received the scores of 8-8-8 for a total of “24.” You can vote for them at 800-868-3411.

Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower are up next with a samba as Roshon chooses 1996 as his most memorable year which is when he saw his idol, Michael Jackson, on stage for the first time. The song is the Jackson 5’s first hit “I Want You Back.” It was really cute choreography with great Michael Jackson moves which Bruno states “Michael Jackson would love it and so do I!” There were some transition timing issues as noted by Len Goodman, but overall very well executed. The scores are 8-8-9 for a total of “25.” You can vote for them at 800-868-3405.

Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff are the next to dance with a rumba scheduled. Gavin chooses the year 1998 which is the year his career began after seeing a Billy Joel concert with his family in New York. He chooses “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel as the song and dedicates this dance to his very supportive family. His dancing is improving but he still appears stiff and not very fluid in his movements even though the judges focus on his hip action which was fantastic. Bruno makes the remark “Gavin, you brought hips!” The scores are 8-8-8- for the common score tonight of “24” and you can vote for them at 800-868-3404.

Leaders Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas perform a waltz which was very emotionally charged since it was for her father who died in 1996 from lung cancer. The song she chose is “To Where You Are” by John Groban as a tribute to her father which Carrie Ann, crying, states was dancing with her tonight as well! It was an absolutely beautiful tribute dance with grace and sensational execution. She is really emotional afterwards and receives a hug on the floor by her mother who was sitting right near the stage. The scores include the first tens of the season with 10-9-10 for a total of “29” and the highest score of the night securing them a continuance as the leader of the pack! You can vote for them at 800-868-3410 (what an appropriate telephone number).

I am in total disagreement with the comments made by the judges with the next dance but it was a great tribute to her son as Sherri Shepherd and Val Chmerkovskiy perform a very slow and almost devoid of movement rumba. The song choice is “If I Could” by Celine Dion. It is for a tribute to Sherri’s son, Jeffrey, who was born in 2005 at 25 weeks and struggled to survive; she calls him her “miracle baby.” Everyone in addition to Len Goodman must be in a REALLY good mood because the scores are 8-8-8 for a total of “24” and this team can be voted for at 800-868-3406. Personally, I thought there was not much dancing at all but really liked the fact it pleased her son which is probably what mattered most to her in the end.

Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are on the floor to perform a jive with the memorable year being 2010 when Melissa broke her back and never thought she would be able to walk again, let alone dance for DWTS. The song is “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine. It was a decent dance but her kicks and flicks were a little weak. Carrie Ann tells her “I loved it!” The scores are 8-8-8 for a total of “24.” You can vote for this team at 800-868-3407.

The rumba is next for Jaleel White and Kym Johnson who apparently had a heated argument this week during practice which might explain his emotional state while waiting for the scores. The dedication year is 1993 when Steve Urkel met his alter ego Stefan Urquelle and the song is “For the Cool in You” by Babyface. It was a very sexy, flowing, and swagified dance this evening with Carrie Ann commenting “Bye bye Urkel; hello Stefan!” The scores are 9-8-8 for a total of “25” which causes White to become unglued in his appreciation of being given such a chance with Family Matters.  You can vote for this duo at 800-868-3412.

It is Latin time as William Levy and partner, Cheryl Burke, hit the ballroom floor with a salsa to please. The memorable year is 1995 when Levy came to the United States from Cuba with his family. His father was given asylum as a political prisoner of Cuba. The dance is totally hot and even hotter when he pulls his shirt open and the crowd goes wild! Len Goodman comments that Levy “put a whole new meaning to ‘Free Willy’.” The score is 9-9-10 with Bruno giving the couple their first ten of the season. This couple can be voted to stay at 800-868-3408.

The final dance of the evening is another emotional tribute from Donald Driver to his best friend, Brian, who died from cancer in 2010 in his arms. He has chosen “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey as his song and states for everyone to live life to the fullest, cherishing every precious moment! You gotta love him! This dance with partner, Peta Murgatroyd, is warm and emotional with Bruno making the statement “You push yourself to the limit every time” which means he must live by his won words. The scores are 9-8-9 for a total of “26.” You can vote for them at 800-868-3403.

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