Explosvie medical questions

Doctor Oz Recap: Kathy Freston Health Plan And Gross Questions 4/3/2012

Explosvie medical questions

Explosive Medical Questions

Dr. Oz Today brings Kathy Freston, fitness guru, with a plan to get our mind and body healthy while Oz takes on answering Gross Medical Questions. Dr. Raj is on the show to answer these questions and the first one is about explosive bowel movements during the monthly cycle. Oz explains what happens in your body when experiencing this symptom. Is is recommended you increase your fiber intake and you can take ibuprofen for the pain. Next, a lady has bad facial hair and it causes ingrown hairs that are painful. Oz says ingrown hairs are caused by a piece of skin blocking the hair follicle. You need to rub the area with a moist towel and take sharp tweezers and pull the ingrown hair out gently. The next subject is burping and expelling a little vomit at the same time. Oz says this is caused by gas in the stomach and it is called Vurping. This can cause damage to vocal chords and your teeth. Simethicone, 180mg a day, will help with this along with reducing your intake of caffeine. Blackheads on your breasts are caused by oil and dirt hardening over a pore in your skin. This is a simple fix because you can just use rice paper to remove the hard oil. Just put them on the area where you have blackheads and leave them for a few minutes.. Never squeeze them until they pop because you can get bacteria in your blood stream and increase the damage.

Dr. Lauren Streicher is on the show to answer some sensitive questions. First, can a tampon get stuck inside you? Lauren says this can happen (but not permanently) and it causes bad odor and bacteria to build up down there. You can use a product called “Refresh” to get rid of the bacteria and the smell. Can hard intercourse cause damage? Lauren says using a silicone based lubricant will help if you have pain during intercourse. Pounding too hard will not damage anything down there. Finally, what causes uneven spraying during urination? Lauren says this can mean blockage or your other parts, like the labia, may be getting in the way at certain times during the month. You can separate your labia to see if that is the problem. If it is not, you should see your doctor.

Now Kathy Freston is on the show and she is talking about getting healthy naturally. She says you can think and eat your way into a better body naturally. She opens by saying to set your intentions and go with it slowly and in 30 days you will see a difference. This 30 day plan is pretty simple. The First week is about breakfast and she says to eat 2 cups of brown rice with dates and walnuts with a little Agave Nectar. She says to start pre-loading your meals by drinking 2 glasses of water before you eat. Week two of the plan is about energy and she recommends a good multivitamin and a power walk for 10 minutes each day. You should build this up to where you are walking for 150 minutes a week. Week three is about getting rid of the sugar. She says eat fruits like apples. She gives a strawberry pudding recipe that includes tofu, vanilla, frozen strawberries, agave nectar, and orange jest. Just mix all this in a food processor and place in serving bowls and chill. You can garnish these with fresh strawberries. Week four is about getting rid of the animals on your plate. Kathy says one meal a day should be totally vegan by substituting beans or veggie sausage. She is a big advocate of a vegan lifestyle and says it will make you healthier and leaner.

The next segment is about natural remedies and the first one is about how to relieve joint pain. Oz says you can use 1 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with 1 tsp of cayenne pepper to make a paste. Apply this to the area and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. Next, mix equal parts of peppermint, ginger, and coriander for instant relief from a stomach ache. Third, Oatmeal is a great natural way to treat acne. Just make a paste by adding a little water and apply like a facial mask. Finally, you can use garlic to sooth a sore throat. Just peel it and suck on it for a few minutes, then take it out and cut in half. Place the two pieces between your cheeks and let it stay there for 15 minutes.

No Kathy is back with her Vegan Philly Cheese Steak Recipe. This is pretty simple. You use Seitan as a substitute for meat. First, coat a pan with Olive oil and stir in onions and peppers. Once the onions are cooked, add in the Seitan (make sure you press it and dry it first) and stir it until golden brown and season to taste. Now add some vegan cheese of your choice and cook on low until it is melted. Use Sandwich thins for the bread and spoon on the mixture. Top with home made marinara or salsa and serve. This is easy, quick, and has less than half the calories and fat of a regular cheese steak.

Now we get 10 minute tips on how to look better from Kathy. First, a Rice Powder Mask is a simple way to make your face look more radiant. Just mix rice flour and soy milk to form a paste. Apply to your face and let it stay on for 20 minutes. This mask will moisturize your skin and, if you wash it off in a circular motion, it will exfoliate all the dead skin cells to give you a more youthful glow. Next, mix ripe strawberries with a tsp of baking soda for an all natural tooth whitener. Just put it on your teeth and let it stay on for 10 minutes and rinse. It works as well as the chemical whiteners and last for about 2 months. Finally, to get that tanned look on your face, you can use Christopher Drummond Bronzer. Just us a brush and apply to the face. His products are all natural and don’t use harsh chemicals.

That is the show for today. Please leave your comments below.
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