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Makeover Madness On The Biggest Loser Tonight 4/3/2012 (recap)

Tonight, The Biggest Loser Contestants get a makeover and will meet Michelle Obama while showing off their new thinner bodies to family and friends. We are live blogging this exciting episode where the contestants will head to the White House for a personal visit with Michelle Obama so keep refreshing your browser or returning to this page.

The show starts with a challenge. Alison shows the players a picture, made from glass with two panes, of each one when they arrived at the Ranch. The differences are amazing. She tells them they have to climb up a net ladder to collect balls. Once they get the balls, they will have to use a sling shot to break the panels in their picture. First one to break both panes wins a 1 pound advantage this week. The loser will have a 1 pound disadvantage. OK, Buddy makes this look too easy and wins. Of course, the excuses will be flying soon as Conda is the last one to break her picture so she will have 1 pound taken away from her weight loss this week.

Now they announce that this is makeover week. The contestants are surprised when a video starts and Michelle Obama addresses the contestants. They are going to the White House! The contestants are going crazy! Jeannie Mai takes control and gives everyone a new look. We see a shot of the old clothes everyone used to wear. Now everyone heads over to Ken Paves for the final touches on their transformation. I believe Conda looks totally different now. Buddy looks amazing!

OK, we have another surprise dumped on the contestants. Not only will they meet the First Lady, but there families are there also. Everybody is at the White House and Dolvett and Bob are waiting with family members. Mark is first to come in. WOW! He looks great and is almost in tears when he sees his kids! Chris looks stunning with this auburn/brown hairstyle. You wouldn’t even recognize her and of course we see more waterworks as her kids greet her. Buddy cleans up nicely and gone are the glasses and beard. He looks lean and mean now. He is greeted by his wife and kids and calls this “a perfect day.” Conda looks totally different with this new hairstyle and coloring. She is one of the best makeovers so far and her daughter is there to meet her. Now Jeremy comes out and this is the biggest change yet. He looks great and is all smiles. Kim is last to come out but she looks like half the person she used to be, Literally! Bob seems to think she is one of the biggest transformations and tells her she could win this! Now we see her kids and the tears start flowing again!

The show ends with a shot of Michelle Obama walking in. This is going to be continued as the show is only one hour this week. Bummer!
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