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“Survivor One World” Recap (4/4/12): Slow, Steady Turtle Wins Immunity!

Tonight on “Survivor One World” there will be another elimination for the Tikiano Tribe and according to the CMR poll, the readers are looking for either the flame of Tarzan or Alicia to be drenched, but is one of those who will actually be tossed to the jury pool? There will be the 7Up reward challenge as well as the immunity challenge this evening, but you guess is as good as mine as to who will be cast out at tribal council tonight on “Survivor!” There is one fact known…Troyzan and Kim have individual immunity idols!

This is what is happening on “Survivor One World”~

Tree mail is delivered in a 7Up bottle for the reward challenge which is to slide down a huge water slide, run across sand to the ocean, and then get a puzzle piece crate and deliver it to a platform. After every crate another teammate can slide. The teams are selected “playground-style” with the green team being Jay, Troyzan, Kat, Alicia, and Chelsea. The yellow team is Michael, Kim, Sabrina, Christina, and Leif. The green team gets out in front but the yellow team comes on strong. The team, however, is confused at the last minute when Christina runs to the shore instead of helping with the last crate. She takes charge of solving the puzzle and it is the yellow team who wins the reward. What is the reward? A BBQ with steak, hamburgers, and hotdogs along with fixings like potato salad and key lime pie with all the 7up they can drink at an oasis with a small pool.

After the group eat, Kim talks game with Sabrina as they agree it needs to become a girls’ game and the guys need to be annihilated one by one, starting with Mike! Back at the camp, the losing team members are talking shop and it is decided to concentrate with eliminating the strongest members which is Mike and when Kim returns, she feeds Troyzan a line about Mike planning something and he gets upset. This follows the conflict between Tarzan and Chelsea which Tarzan thinks it is because she has issues with plastic surgeons for her bad chest enhancement job! Seriously? This guy is a creep!

Survivor 4412

Immunity Challenge 4/4/12

The individual immunity challenge is to cross a wooden bridge without falling off while maneuvering bags of puzzle pieces along a twisted rope. The first four to finish this portion of the race will compete in the completion of the puzzle for immunity. While the others race ahead, it is Jay who is in last place but slow and steady keeps at the puzzle and in the end, it is the turtle who wins!

Game is talked with Kim running the show as she tries to balance both her alliances with the girls and with the new Salani tribe members by playing both sides of the fence. Chelsea asks Jay to vote out Michael tonight which sends Jay fluttering to Mike who is intercepted by Kim as she  tries to shore up her fence with both alliances. She confronts Mike and Jay stating she thinks the best bet is to take out Christina but there is still the possibility of Mike on the chopping block but he thinks he is completely safe since he is a member of Salani.

At tribal council, Jeff asks one question”Who is afraid of going home tonight?” No one raises their hand and he finds this to mean thee are loose alliances and no one knows exactly which one is really intact. We are about to find out. Kim speaks about maintaining a plan and alliances while Mike states he thinks his alliance is strong. In the end, there are two votes for Tarzan and two for Christina, but it is Mike who receives five and is the next tribal member headed for the jury box. It was a complete blindside, but it clearly marks Kim as the one leading the show now!

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  1. Brittany says

    I think Troyzan is playing the best game this season! I wish they would have gotten rid of Tarzan. I cannot STAND that guy!

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