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Dr. Oz Today 4/5/2012: Anti Aging Skin Care Plan For Specific Skin Types

Today, Doctor Oz has an ultimate skin care plan designed specifically for your particular skin type and other beauty and anti aging miracle recipes. many of us use the same routines as our friends to take care of our skin, even if we have a different skin type. This can be doing more harm than good because skin care is not a “one size fits all” process. What works for someone with fair skin may actually be harmful to a person with a dark complexion. Learn how to target your skin care routine to your specific skin type today to look and feel younger and more beautiful.

Special guests on the show today are Dr. Fran Cook-Bolden, Dr. Alicia Barba, Dr. Elizabeth Hale, Chris Kilham, Richard Blais, Mary Alice Stevenson, David Kirsch, Kristin van Ogtrop, and Todd Wilbur. They will be discussing the basic elements of skin care that everyone should do along with specific tips for your skin type. Oz will talk of how each different skin type reacts to chemicals and other cosmetics and give us the medical knowledge we need to keep our skin looking young and vibrant. Oz also has some secret recipes he will be sharing to tackle dark spots on your face to dark circles under your eyes. He will be talking of what exfoliating scrub will benefit you the most and we will get a “must do” for fair skinned people. He even has a new miracle anti-aging recipe that will make you look younger and give you more energy.

To watch the Dr. Oz Ultimate Anti-Aging Super Show today, check your local TV listings for the time in your area. This show will be packed with information and products so check back here on CMR for our full recap at 5pm eastern time to get all the latest news and details.

Click here for our live recap.

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  1. Ruthie Jimmer4son says

    i love your show. i missed the first part of the baked chicken recipe. What do you do the fish sauce? Could you post the recipe.

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