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Mark King Of TaylorMade Golf On Undercover Boss Recap 4/6/2012

Mark King goes inside his company TaylorMade Golf tonight on Undercover Boss and he will have to blow his cover when an employee gets too close. We are live blogging the show tonight so keep coming back to this page or just refreshing it in your browser to get the latest news. As the show opens, we see clips of Mark talking of how he is going to be a superstar in every department of his company tonight. Of course, the regular employees may disagree and we see shots of him failing terribly at sales and production work. One employee recognizing him and he will have to blow his cover. Will Mark make it through without too many people recognizing him? Keep reading to find out the answer.

Mark talks of how he grew up playing golf. He says he came up through the ranks so he knows what it takes to make it in the regular world. He says his success in business is not reflected in his personal life. He has been divorced twice but still has a good relationship with his daughter. His daughter wishes him luck and he goes off to get his disguise. First, he goes to Westminster, SC and will train in quality control. He meets Caley and she will be his trainer. They inspect over 5,000 balls a day at this plant. Mark is really slow at this. He says he has bad vision and this is the reason he is slow. Caley tries to help but she is not really impressed with the boss so far. So much for being a superstar. Now they go to stamping. Mark has trouble catching the balls and Caley doesn’t think this is the job for him. At least she still has a great attitude here. Caley says she is in charge on the second shift because no supervisors work at this time. Mark sees something that needs to be changed. He is impressed with Caley and how she has overcome a lot of adversity in her life.

The next segment takes Mark to Piedmont, SC and the return department. He meets Teresa and she fills him in on what is going on here. She starts out by showing him the computer. She is really funny and flirting with him. Mark tries his hand at a return. Again he is slow. Teresa says she has been with the company for 23 years. Now they cut up the damaged shoes to be thrown away. Teresa says they throw away a lot of shoes and also clothes. Mark seems to think this could be used in a better way. Now they talk and Teresa talks of how she is single. She wants to get to know him better. This woman is going on a trip to Alaska and saves her money for fun things. She seems very happy and enjoys her life. Mark doesn’t like lying to Teresa and he blows his cover. He couldn’t take fibbing to this woman. He says she is a spectacular employee and he couldn’t keep the truth from her anymore.

Now he heads to Ohio for a demo tech event. He meets Jarryd and they go to set up the equipment for the demo. Jarryd wants to golf for a living. Mark tries his hand at helping the customers and he gets confused with the product. Jarryd has to help him adjust the clubs. This stuff is complicated and Mark has a new respect for his sales agents. He thinks Jarryd is amazing. Jarryd talks of how he pays his own expenses like gas for his car and he doesn’t get paid for travel time. Mark wants to change this and he sees another way to improve the employee relationship.

Now he heads to Carlsbad, CA and is working on the production floor. He will be making golf clubs today and that is the biggest part of TaylorMade. He meets Christian, his trainer, and they start by gluing the heads to the golf club shafts. Mark is worried about being recognized here because this is where his office is. He has trouble again with his speed and Christian thinks he is a little old for the job. Christian talks of the long hours he works and how he always likes the overtime. He tells Mark he dropped out of college because he had to support his family. Mark is impressed because Christian sacrificed his dreams to support his family and he still has a positive attitude. People start looking hard at Mark and he gets the feeling his cover is blown. All the employees are coming by to take a look and see him. His cover is blown when one asks if he is Mark King. Yep, he is exposed now!


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