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“Amazing Race” (4/8/12) Preview: A Flipped Bird Causes Drama at the Airport!

“Amazing Race” season 20 tonight on CBS takes the remaining contestants on a trip from Baku, Azerbaijan to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania but there is drama at the airport. Who causes it? Is it the snappiness of Ralph and Vanessa spurred on by Art and A.J. or just the drama-prone duo from “Big Brother”, Rachel and Brendon, doing what they do best…deny, deny, deny?

Vanessa really shows what a witch she is when she makes the rude remarks about Rachel looking older than her but it seems as though Rachel has a point…Vanessa is acting more like a spoiled two-year-old than a 38-year-old woman! Seriously, how childish can one individual be? Well, if you are Rachel Reilly, is only takes one criticism before the waterworks start. This episode should be INTERESTING!

Find out whether or not the flipped bird causes enough drama to come to blows at the airport and who succeeds in winning this leg of the race in the episode called “I Didn’t Make Her Cry” tonight on CBS when “Amazing Race” returns after a week off at 8/7c.

Image and video clip courtesy of CBS

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