“60 Minutes” (4/8/12) Preview: Polo King, Greece Scapegoat, and an African Heart Beat

Tonight on CBS “60 Minutes” there are stories that will melt your heart, fill you with inspiration, and German outrage which will have you questioning politics.

Steve Kroft meets with Finance Minister of Germany, Wolfgang Schaeuble in an interview which discusses the Greek reaction to the financial burdens placed on them by Germany requesting repayment of loans which the European Union (EU) allocated to bail Greece out of economic desperation by the recent worldwide recession.  Louise Cooper, a financial analyst from London, states a Greek bankruptcy could affect the weaker members of the Eu, including Great Britain as well as the United States through economic stagnation and loan default.

In a story suited for Easter, Bob Simon reports on the African heart beat of music in Central Africa’s Democratic Republic of Congo where civil war has raged for generations but it did not stop Armand Diangienda from forming the Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra which is the only symphony orchestra in Central Africa and the only all-black orchestra in the world. Diangienda had a dream to conduct an orchestra and when he was laid off in 1992, he did just that. Although he had no musical training or instruments, he banded together some members of his church and after some study of music, he dream orchestra was born but remained a secret until a 2010 German documentary brought the story to the world. Since then, they have added a choir thanks to the donations received and assistance of German opera singer, Sabine Kallhammer. Dreams do come true so let the joy ring in the air!

Finally, Lara Logan brings the story of Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras from Argentina who is the new face of Ralph Lauren in addition to being a king on the polo field. He wants to be an ambassador for the sport that many perceive as an equestrian event instead of a sport of demand and expertise. Find out what he has to say tonight when “60 Minutes” airs on CBS starting at 7/6c. If you miss the show, CMR will provide a fully detailed recap following the airing.

Image and videos courtesy of CBS

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