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Celebrity Apprentice Recap 4/8: Commercial Break Time!

The teams will have to make a commercial for a web site tonight on Celebrity Apprentice and the action will be tense after last week’s fiasco. Last week we say Arsenio Hall and Abrey O’Day get into a heated exchange that resulted in a melt down. The teams have their champions for each other and the web has been blasted with comments from both sides. See how this plays out tonight on our live recap of this week’s episode. Keep refreshing your browser or coming back to CMR for the latest live updates on Celebrity Apprentice.

The show opens tonight with the highlights of last week. Now we see that after the elimination last week. Lisa goes off on Arsenio and she is definitely behind Aubrey. Lisa is stirring the division pot with Teresa. She and Arsenio get into a shouting match. Now Dayana comes back in and she is furious that Dayana is still in the game. She goes off on both Dayana and Lisa and tell Penn that he will have to carry the team with her from now on. Lisa is on a rampage tonight.

Now Donald announces a challenge and needs a commercial made for their web site. Teams will create a 60 second TV commercial for the site. Dayana and Teresa are the project managers. Lisa is furious. The winning team get $60,000 for their charity. Arsenio goes to Aubrey and they talk it out. Now they go to get behind their leader, Teresa, this week. Lisa is now furious again when she learns Penn has an appointment and will be gone most of the day.

Team Forte is going for a “love story” theme that follows a couple through life and will highlight how they use the discount coupons in each part of their life. The tension is still high as Lisa is in severe “bi*ch” mode and is criticizing everything Lou and Dayana are trying to do. Team Unanimous is more together and they are using a similar theme that makes Paul Sr. into a regular guy. Teresa is keeping her team focused without all the small talk. Unanimous is making a pretty funny commercial with a dad listening outside his daughter’s bedroom. The dad thinks his daughter is fooling around and busts in to find his daughter and her boyfriend looking at This should be good. The team Forte theme is not as funny. Lou tries to help with the team’s commercial and everyone is ignoring him.

Penn leaves team Forte and the rest of the team explains their concept to Donald Jr. Ivanka visits team Unanimous and gets their concept. Lou has been tasked with finding and getting banners printed. Dayana gave him this task and she totally blew it because they all know he doesn’t know computers very well. Lisa is criticizing him for not knowing how to send email. She needs to get a life and Dayana should have given him a task more suited to him. Like acting or helping direct the commercials.

Aubrey gets her claws out to criticize Paul. He has finished shooting and is sitting in a chair. She says that Paul could not win this season because he will never be a business leader. Guess she never bothered to notice the man has a multi-million dollar company he runs. Now she goes on to criticize Arsenio and Clay about the editing. Lisa and Aubrey both need to go.

Now we see the commercials and Team Unanimous is up first. The execs looked shocked and one is actually laughing. Now we see Team Forte’s commercial. They get a laugh too and all the judges are smiling. Now Donald talks about the commercials. The execs like the team Unanimous presentation but think it could be too racy for the company. Team Forte had great variety and ways to save but they say it wasn’t as fun. This will be close.

Now Donald asks who Dayana will bring back into the board room if they lose. She says she will bring back Lou. Lisa says he brought very little to the table tonight and she is impressed with Dayana. She says Dayana is very well organized. Lou goes off on Lisa and says she is negative and bitchy. This is a big argument and Donald wants to know more. Now Aubrey talks about how she has a better attitude and they all worked together this week. Paul talks of how it was fun this week and how he enjoyed the transformation this week. Teresa says if they lose, she will bring everyone back into the board room and Donald says that could mean two people go home. This team is standing together this week. Ivanka now goes off on Aubrey and how she can be polarizing and speaks out of turn. Donald shows the videos again and says that the execs liked both commercials. Lou breaks ranks and says he liked the other commercial. Lisa calls him a Benedict Arnold for this and goes off again. There can be only one winner and it is Team Unanimous. Teresa wins $60,000 for her charity. Now it is elimination time and Dayana brings back Lisa and Lou with her. Lou and Lisa argue again and Lisa is very rude again here. Lisa accuses Lou of using his handicap as an excuse for not participating more. Lou is fired!

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