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AJ Jacobs Tells Us What Diets Really Work On The Dr. Oz Show Today

Dr. Oz has a guest today, AJ Jacobs, that has tried over 100 diets in his quest to be the healthiest man alive and he will tell us what works and what doesn’t. While our famous TV Doctor gives us many supplements and tips on how to lose weight, he has always maintained that a healthy lifestyle is the key to long term sustained weight loss. Sure Oz has given us the scoop on supplements like Raspberry Ketones and other supplements. He has even had gurus on the show that have their own plan to get rid of those pesky pounds for good. Today, we get a twist with AJ Jacobs because he has tried over 100 of the latest fad diets and supplements and gathered data to show if they really work.

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Miracle diet plans are usually more hype than fact. If you read the labels and directions on most of these products, you will see a disclaimer that the results promised are not typical or that the plan works with proper diet and exercise. This will be a great discussion today and it will be interesting to see how AJ gets his data. Anyone can follow a short term plan and lose weight but it takes significant effort to keep that weight off. Look for Oz to keep us grounded in fact while Mr. Jacobs is reviewing his results for these diet plans. Hopefully, this show will shed light on some really bad diet miracle cures and give us some ideas on what can help us achieve our long term goals.

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