Biggest Loser 4/10/2012: Makeover Week Continues At White House

Last week, The Biggest Loser was cut down to just an hour so we only got to see the makeovers and the introduction of Michelle Obama. Tonight, we will see Michelle Obama joining the contestants and their families to voice her amazement at the changes that have been made. The First Lady has talked about living and being healthy a lot in the last three years and even has her “Let’s Move” program targeted at reducing childhood obesity. Look for her to share how children are effected by their parents behavior and how weight loss need to be a family affair.

Bob and Dolvett will lead a workout in Washington and Michelle will join in. The challenge tonight is about getting more Americans healthy. Of course, we will have a weigh in at the end of the show and one person will be eliminated. Does someone get off track on makeover week and blow the game? Tune into NBC tonight at 8pmand find out. If you miss the show, check back on CMR for our full live recap of all the action starting at 8pm eastern.
Photo courtesy of: NBC

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