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Doctor Oz Show 4/10/2012: AJ Jacobs Rates Popular Diets (Recap)

Dr.Oz Today has AJ Jacobs rating the most popular diet plans to tell us what works and what plans and supplements are just hype. Oz opens the show saying AJ has spent two years testing all the latest diet fads and crazes. He lived like a guinea pig and has lost a lot of weight. He has read and tried all the popular juice cleansing programs and workout routines. He says he know the secret to getting healthy that won’t cost you a bundle. He started out just trying to lose weight and wasn’t worried about being healthy. He says it was wrong and he now realizes that living healthy is the key to losing weight and feeling great. AJ says we should shop the perimeters of the grocery store where the healthy stuff is located and eat the rainbow by using fresh fruits and veggies. Oz had a medical team to go through is book and he says it is has produced really interesting results.

AJ says if you work out hard for 30 seconds and then go slower for 3 minutes, you willburn more calories. He also says that fidgeting will burn 300 more calories in a day than just sitting still. He has lost almost 20 pounds and lowered his body fat index to less than 7%. Oz says if we could get the numbers AJ has on cholesterol, we could wipe out heart disease. Oz points out some of the tips in AJ’s book. First is the “sports drink spit”, if you take a shot of a sports drink and swish it around in your mouth and then spit it out, you will trick your body into thinking it is getting sugar and burn more calories. Next, studies show that you should chew your food more. Chew each bite at least 20 times. Finally, use didgeridoo and blow into it for a few minutes each night. This has been proven to reduce snoring and give you a better night’s sleep.

Now we get way to re-program your taste buds to like healthy food. You can use a spoonful of sugar on veggies to make them more acceptable. Use this on broccoli and Cauliflower. Next is the “Cheeto Cheat” and you add anything crunchy to your salad or veggies to make them crunchy. Crunchy food excites our taste buds. Third is the puree slip. Just puree squash and put it into your mac and cheese to make it more healthy. Oz has shown this before. Fourth, eat in a quite environment to make your food taste better. It has been proven that noise causes us to taste food differently.

Next we get Oz’s Ultimate Antioxident Guide. Anitoxidents help keep the cells in our body from deteriorating too fast. First, use Vitamin A rich foods and these are the yellow and orange veggies and fruits. Carrots should be cooked whole. Next, green foods isothiocyanates and they are things like broccoli and cabbage. Cut up your broccoli and wait about 5 minutes before cooking. Cabbage should be cooked with oranges to add to the flavor and benifit. Purple veggies and fruits contain Antocyannis and the darker the colors provide more benefit.

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