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Power Play on ‘Survivor One World’ Backfires and Jay Gets Burned! (Recap 4/11/12)

This is your “Survivor One World” recap for 4/11/12. Find out who makes a power play and gets burned and who is eliminated on “Survivor” this week. Let the game begin~

All I can say is “ho hum” and yawn as this week’s game of “Survivor” gets underway with tree mail that has the group bringing supplies back to camp for a self-administered  reward challenge where two teams are drawn randomly to compete in a game of skill. The team with the highest score wins a trip to an island for a native-style BBQ.

Each member of Tikiano reach into a bag to draw stones (red and black). The red team consists of Alicia, Jay, Kat, Troyzan, and Tarzan. The black team consists of Chelsea, Leif, Kim, Sabrina, and Christina. Troyzan self-appoints himself as the host and the game is afoot as Tarzan would say! They are to throw a rope with two rocks attached toward a ladder of rungs for points gained if it wraps around one of the rungs. Jay and Kim face off first with no one getting any points. Next is Kat and Leif with Kat scoring 2 points and the red team leads. Troyzan and Chelsea score no points in the next round but Tarzan comes up a big player this time around with four points to Christina’s 1 making the score 6-1. The final round is Alicia and Sabrina scoring zero points and red team wins. They are whisked off to an island in a boat filled with rum, coconuts, and beer. Once on the island, the native escort starts cooking fish and crab as Jay engages in game talk with Kat about the fact the Salani tribe must remain an alliance and start getting rid of Manano members, but has he shot himself in the foot?

Jay is delusional about the girls having his back and Troyzan is skeptical and getting paranoid which is what Kim is counting on. The immunity challenge is next. At the immunity challenge, the contestants will be required to stand on a perch with their wrist velcro to a chain attached to a bucket of water and the last one standing wins. Jeff Probst tempts them with food as the challenge progresses. Tarzan is out immediately with Christina right behind. Sabrina is out for cookies and Kim is with Kat who surrender to the temptation of cupcakes. Alicia states she will take the next tray of food whatever it is and Jay tells her if she eats that food, he is voting her out. She opts for the food and not the threat. Troyzan hangs on for dear life and this is one immunity challenge he really needed to win but is out. Jay is out for chicken wings and beer leaving Chelsea to battle against Leif. Chelsea tells Leif he will be seen as less of a threat if he drops out so he steps down for burgers and chips and gives the win to Chelsea whom he shares the spoils with.

Back at the camp, game strategy has been chaotic with Jay talking to Kim, Sabrina, Kat and Chelsea who have assured him they will vote for Alicia then Christina but Kim has already lined up the votes with Tarzan, Christina, and Alicia voting for Jay and Leif, Chelsea, Sabrina, and Kim voting for Troy. Jay, however, finds out from Troyzan he is going to play his personal immunity idol to stay safe and rushes to tell Kim who then winds up changing the voting tactics among the group of girls to oust Jay who is going to be completely blindsided and devastated.

At tribal council there is chit chat about the personal idols with Kim ( and others it appears) knowing Troyzan has one and Chelsea knows Kim has the other. The vote is taken and Troyzan plays his immunity idol which means any votes cast for him are negated. There are two votes for Troyzan and he is planning on the majority being cast for Kim to eliminate her from the competition but she has covered her bases well and there are two votes for Alicia, one for Kim ,and four for Jay which sends him to jury. Well, this means the girls still reign supreme and it is clear that unless Troyzan gets immunity next week, he will be joining Jay and then it will for all intents and purpose be game over with Kim being the winner of this season’s “Survivor.” Things can change, though, so tune in next week to find out what happens as Troyzan tries to get the target off his back!

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