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Real Housewives On Doctor Oz Show Today 4/12/2012

The Dr. Oz show Today is going all “reality TV” with the stars of The Real Housewives Of Orange County and they will be telling their beauty secrets. One of the cast members talks of how she dealt with a cancer scare in a never released interview. All of the Real housewives cast are known for being very vocal and living the luxurious life. Today, they will share their secrets for looking young and keeping fit. Oz is known for speaking his mind and will surely find a lot to talk about today. Will it lead to an on set fight just like the show? Tune in to find out.

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Plastic surgery is always a risky decision. Going under the knife to get the body you want is dangerous and can have very bad side effects. Seeing how Hollywood is constantly searching for the fountain of youth, it is no surprise that some of the Real Housewives have used surgery to alter their bodies. Most of the time you can spot someone who has had something done. Will you be able to spot which of the cast has had “work” done and where? The cast will talk openly about their experiences and share their regrets and successes. Oz pushes them to talk about how they are perceived as role models and many people try to go under the knife because they see them on TV. The women try to tell Oz that they try to talk people out of having it but is Oz buying what they are selling?

Oz gives us anti aging and beauty secrets to keep us looking younger all the time. Today, the cast of Housewives will share their secrets. Look for the doctor to critique their routines and offer some great and cheap ways to get the same results. The show starts at 4pm eastern time in our time zone. Check your local listings for the time in your area. If you miss the show, check back here on CMR at 4pm eastern for our live blog of this episode. We will have all the latest news about Real Housewives and Dr. Oz’s take on the interview.

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