“Touch” Recap (4/12/12): Entangled in a Tangled Mess of Threads Unbroken

Tonight on FOX’s Touch, Kiefer Sutherland as Martin Bohm is entangled in a tangled mess when he misses the evaluation appointment for Jake due to his pursuit of the stolen laptop which brings him face-to-face with a women bent on killing the guy who is believed to have killed her family.

As always, there is the premise set by Jake as he talks without talking about some statistical fact and this week it is 490,000 babies born each day in the world and every individual is made up of more than a dozen systems; a living community which is linked to others and every dream has an impact greater than on oneself.

Clea meets Martin and Jake for lunch where she expresses the importance of being at the evaluation meeting before telling him Abigail sent Jake a package which causes Jake to send a glass flying to the floor. Jakes has created a symbol on the floor of the restaurant in sugar packets and then on his hand in syrup which he slams against the window as he leaves as a sign for his father…a communication to be deciphered. Martin seeks the help of Arthur Teller to determine what the symbol means as it is not numbers. Together they discover it is the golden ratio sign and stands for the number 22.

Teller starts to see shapes and realizes he must seek out his daughter who still thinks he is delusional and is not interested in reconciling. She works at the hospital where a young lady is later admitted for injuries sustained when she is stopped from shooting a guy who killed her family a decade earlier. On the other side of the world in Saudi Arabia, a defiant girl dresses as a boy and takes her brother’s car with a near empty gas tank and goes joyriding with a friend when they come across a woman in labor on the road. They stop to pick her up and as the labor progresses, the car runs out of gas. She calls her brother but her father shows up but learns there is more to life than the rigid constraints of the religion as she delivers the baby. The woman, however, is not so easily impressed and refuses to all ow the girl to ride in the same vehicle. Later, the father decides against the previously arranged marriage to the son of a wealthy man who comes to the house and delivers the message the wedding has to be called off because his son stayed in the United States for another girl.

The son, Sammy, has been trying to talk to a girl he sees every day on the train but it is not until he has to stay late to locate a bone marrow match for a dying adopted boy he finally gets the chance as his friend exchanges bags providing him with an umbrella not a metro pass as the young lady is late for the train and he asks her to coffee. The boy who needed the bone marrow is the brother of the girl who Martin confronts on bus #22 when she pulls a gun and claims she is going to kill the man who killed her family to balance the scale of life but a near accident causes the bus to stop abruptly with Martin and the guy escaping. The girl tracks them to an alley but is distracted following firecrackers from a Chinese New Year celebration for an Asian girl’s birthday. Before the man escapes, Martin had seen the tattoo Exodus 22:22 on his chest.

The girl is hit by a truck which sends her to the hospital from the firecrackers which we set off by the pick-pocket who stole Martin’s laptop earlier in the day. Martin learns about the meaning behind Exodus 22:22 at the hospital chapel which reads “Do not take advantage of the children whose fathers have died.” He tracks down the man who murdered the one girl’s family to find out he saved the children, including her brother, by taking them to a church and Martin discovers he was adopted by a family in Montreal bring this full circle.

The episode ends as Martin opens the box from Abigail which has a tape of Sarah singing for Jake and as Jake listens, he turns to his father as if to say “I love you.” Jake ends the story with a passage similar to “Connecting threads pulled tight is fate.”

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